Texas A&M expert reviews gas test data on home with mystery leak

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COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) - The mystery continues on a gas leak at a Bryan home that's been happening since last month.

The homeowner has been unable to live there. KBTX has been looking into what may be causing the leak. A report by the Conroe Fire Department shows things like MTBE, Acetone, and Benzene are showing up inside.

These are all considered highly flammable gases.

Texas A&M Chemical Engineering Professor James Holste took a look at the test results. He said these are chemicals you'd find in refined products like gasoline. He doesn't know why they'd be coming into a home.

"The chemicals I see here are the sort of chemicals that are normally found in refined gasoline, not crude oil or natural gas and so that makes the source somewhat mysterious," said Holste, Ph.D.

The Texas Railroad Commission closed their investigation earlier this month. They do not believe the gas is coming from nearby energy exploration or production.

The homeowner's family has launched their own investigation.