Texas A&M requesting additional state funding for growing campus

Texas A&M has teamed up with local lawmakers to request $55 million from general revenue to further fund the school.

The university has increased its enrollment by 33% in the last decade, currently sitting around 64,000 students.

John Sharp, the Chancellor at Texas A&M, knows that if the money is granted, it would go a long way.

"For 220 faculty members it's smaller classes, it's making sure that our students have the same advantages that exist in both of the two flagships in Texas A&M and the University of Texas,” says Sharp.

According to Sharp, the legislature has requested an increase in enrollment, in order to help educate the increased population moving into Texas.

"The state of Texas is growing to the tune of 1000 people a day has been for a very long time and we ought to take as many qualified students as we can,” says Sharp.

"The legislature has made it very clear to all the universities that Texas is growing and we expect you to grow along with the state. We have done what the legislature has asked us to do,” Sharp says.

John Raney, the Texas House Representative for District 14, says that with A&M being such a large university, it is important to be properly funded to help Texas' future.

"In order for Texas to continue to grow economically we have to have an educated workforce,” says Raney.

According to Raney, the House will vote on the new budget in the next couple of weeks, and he is confident that with this addition, the budget will pass in the House and the Senate.