Texas A&M student body president candidate says religious rights 'infringed'

Published: Mar. 23, 2017 at 11:09 PM CDT
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A candidate for Texas A&M University student body president, that was disqualified despite winning the most votes, is now claiming his religious rights were infringed upon.

Robert McIntosh won the popular vote in the election, but was disqualified for failing to report a campaign expense. Thursday evening, he filed a petition in Brazos County. McIntosh is asking a court to depose three people. Amy Loyd, Rachel Keathley, and Aaron Mitchell were all listed in the court documents. Keathley is the election commissioner and Loyd is the SGA adviser. Mitchell is identified in the petition as having firsthand knowledge of conversations between A&M faculty and staff connected to SGA. The petition alleges those conversations were about keeping McIntosh out of office.

The court document states that McIntosh was reportedly disqualified for violating the campaign finance by-laws, but he wants the court to investigate whether he was actually disqualified because he's a heterosexual, white, Christian male. McIntosh said he wants to depose those three people because they made comments saying they did not want him to be president.

McIntosh's disqualification allowed for Bobby Brooks to assume the student body presidency. He's also the first openly gay student to hold the office.

Late Wednesday, former Texas Governor and current Secretary of Energy Rick Perry weighed in on Brooks' election. He wrote an opinion piece for the Houston Chronicle that called the process at best " a mockery of due process and transparency” and at worst “allowed an election to be stolen outright."