Texas Congressman unveils bust of General Sam Houston on Capitol Hill

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- Students from Sam Houston State University honored their namesake Tuesday night.

“It has been a great experience to know that our most celebrated state hero will now be honored by hundreds of Americans," Brian Aldaco a senior at Sam Houston State University said.

The bust of General Sam Houston, an accomplished Texas politician, was brought from Huntsville, Texas to its’ new home in Washington D.C. The Sam Houston Museum Director helped get him here.

“It’s here it’s back!” Mac Woodward, Director at Sam Houston Memorial Museum said.

No stranger to Congress, Houston spent 13 years here as a Texas senator.
He also served as Commander in Chief of the Texas Army and as Governor. Now his service is remembered through stone.

“To be back in Washington where he was such a Washington during his time in the United States senate is just a thrill for me," Woodward added.

Houston’s bust now sits in the Ways and Means committee room, which Texas Congressman Kevin Brady chairs. Brady said he hopes it brings them good luck as they work to pass tax reform.

“We have hundreds of meetings a day here having this role model of servant leadership as we tackle tax reform, it’s just, it’s inspiring," Brady said.

Brady is the third Texan to chair the Ways and Means Committee, that's the chief tax writing committee in the House of Representatives. He asked the Sam Houston Memorial Museum to loan the bust. But the hard part was getting it here.

“They had to create a custom crate for it, it’s really heavy and of course none of us wanted it impacted at all so we were praying for it to arrive in Washington but it did safe and sound," he added.

Now as the committee works to pass tax reform for the first time in 31 years, there will be two Texans in the room, Chairman Brady and General Sam Houston.

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