Texas Tribune weighs in on COVID-19 across state

As the numbers of positive cases of COVID-19 continues to rise, there are conflicting tallies of how many cases there are in Texas.

Governor Greg Abbott has thrown out numbers that vary greatly from what the state health department or U.S. Centers of Disease Control are reporting.

Alana Rocha with The Texas Tribune was on BVTM to explain what the state is doing to consolidate these sources.

“The state counted someone who tested positive by the person’s county of residence. If a University of Texas student positive in Houston, Harris County would get that case counted towards them, and Travis County would count them as one of theirs,” Rocha continued. “The state has kind of stepped back and is deferring to county health departments to get these tallies and we’re right a 1,000 now.”

Governor Abbott's news conference on Tuesday was his first since President Donald Trump took a newly urgent tack against letting the pandemic destroy the U.S. economy, saying he wants the country to get back to work soon. However, Abbott didn’t quite agree with the president.

“He seemed to sing a different tune,” Rocha continued. “He said what many of the scientists are saying, and he’s deferring to health officials on this.”

This week, The Texas Tribune looked at the unique challenges rural hospitals in the state are facing.

“They don’t have the money,” Rocha continued. “We’ve talked about how the governor and health providers are trying to take a pause on elective procedures, and some of those are the most lucrative for these rural hospitals, so that’s money they’re losing further.”