Texas educators training to protect students from school shooters

Bryan, TEX. (KBTX) - All week, a group of educators from across the state are training at the RELLIS campus with TEEX to become School Marshals.

Ten students are enrolled in the extensive 8-day program. They are learning not just the legal aspects of becoming a school marshal, but they're also learning how to respond to a school shooting through realistic simulations.

"Earlier in the week they used their real guns on paper targets, but by the end of the weekend, we're going to introduce force-on-force scenarios, which is where they're actually going to fire simulated bullets at each other that leave paint marking rounds. So there's pain involved with that. It's the closest we can get through training to a real incident," said Garrett House, a training coordinator with the Brazos County Sheriff's Office.

One of the students in the program said they want to become a school marshal to protect his students from harm in the event of a possible school shooting.

"The thing the school marshal program allows, it allows someone to go with a pistol instead of a pencil because we'll go in regardless. This gives us actually something in our hands that we might be able to stop a situation," the student said.

The student added that everyone at the training has a common goal, and while they say they hope they never have to use this training, they want to make sure they can do whatever they can to make their schools a safer place.

"Every one of them has a desire and a love for kids, that they're willing to stand in the way of evil and unfortunately that where we're at today is we have to be able to stand in the gap between evil and our kids, and the school marshal program is a way to do that," the student added.

The school marshal program, which is funded by a grant by the Office of the Governor, consists of eight 10-hour days. Each student has a license to carry in the state and throughout the course. According to TEEX, the students are spending 30 hours on shooting to become better prepared in the event of a school shooting. Once the students have completed the course, they'll be appointed as an official school marshal by their districts.