Local family wants answers in mother's death

Published: Nov. 1, 2017 at 6:24 PM CDT
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In the afternoon of December 8, 2010, Leon County resident Gerald Willhelm made a call to 911 saying his wife shot herself.

“I woke up and there was blood coming from her neck,” Willhelm told the 911 operator.

When local law enforcment arrived on scene, Janice’s death was quickly ruled a suicide from a single gunshot wound to the neck

"I was completely shocked. I was blown away," said Jennifer Davis, Janice's daughter.

But did Janice Whillhelm die of suicide- or was she murdered?

Her family has their suspicions.

"We initially accepted the fact that it was a suicide," said Davis.

Janice left behind two children. They say their suspicions started when they were told to look for a will, but there wasn't one.

"We called once a month to verify and we never heard of a will being filed and probated and then all of a sudden there was a will and we received a copy of it," said Davis.

The family received the will six months after Janice's death. They say the handwriting didn’t match up.

"My mother was a home health care nurse for years, and when I was a senior in high school I would help type up her notes. I know her hand writing. I just knew it," said Davis.

"It was a blatant forgery. They didn’t even try to hide it," said Wayne Robeson, Janice's son.

Jennifer and Wayne believe the will was forged by Janice’s husband Gerald

"His signature was right at the top and the writing is identical," said Robeson.

The family said even Gerald's call to 911 was suspicious. At 63 years-old, Janice had a number of health issues. Gerald told the operator she had stopped taking her medication.

"Yet in the scene photos there's medication all around her," said Robeson.

Their suspicions led them to hire private investigator Skip Ensley, who says there were a number of holes in the case. Since interviewing with the family, Ensley no longer works for them, but they are still looking for justice.

KBTX reached out to the Leon County Sheriff's department and they do not wish to comment on the case.

KBTX’s Whitney Miller will have more on the Robeson case Thursday night on News 3 at 10.<\b>