The widely unpopular Driver Responsibility Program goes away Sep. 1

The Driver Responsibility Program is dead.

After years of fighting comes the death of a widely disliked program that reformers say unfairly punishes low-income Texans.

The Driver Responsibility Program has, for years, added annual fees of up to $2,000 on top of the price of traffic tickets. More problematically for some drivers, the program would suspend an offender's driver's license if that driver didn't pay. Some drivers were cruising Texas roads unaware that their licenses had been suspended.

Brandon Formby from the Texas Tribune joined First News at Four to explain how this program was funding trauma care in Texas, particularly in rural areas with less access.

Formby says that was the roadblock to killing the unpopular program: where else would lawmakers find those dollars for trauma care across the state?

During the 86th legislative session, they did. Lawmakers are adding a $20 upfront fee to state traffic fines and a $2 bump in yearly automobile insurance fees to fund the trauma programs instead.

See the full conversation with Formby in the video player above.