The First Amendment in the age of disinformation and hate speech

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - "Fake News", disinformation, hate speech, social media trolls: how have American's feelings about the First Amendment evolved in the current media landscape? This question was a key focus of the 2019 State of the First Amendment survey, an annual sampling by the Freedom Forum Institute's First Amendment Center.

According to the Institute's results:
The results of last year's survey showed that most Americans viewed fake news as more objectionable than hate speech on social media, though both are opposed by large majorities. The survey showed that 83 percent of respondents agreed that social media companies should remove false information, compared to 72 percent who agreed such companies should remove hate speech. This year's survey will examine if these numbers have continued to rise as more scrutiny is being placed on how social media companies are handling the rise of hate speech and disinformation.

Sonya Gavankar with the Freedom Forum Institute joined First News at Four to discuss. See the video player above for more.