The PinPoint Weather team gets an upgrade

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - You may have noticed some changes to the weather forecast on News 3.

Last week, KBTX unveiled a new weather system that brings the most accurate forecast to you, no matter how you get our forecast.

"If you follow along on social media, Facebook, Twitter, we show you a lot of the behind the scenes tools that we use in order to make your forecast on TV each and every day. With our new weather system, we can bring all of that into KBTX and give it to you with just the click of a mouse," says Chief Meteorologist Shel Winkley.

Not only do we have more ways to tell what the weather story is in the Brazos Valley, but we have access to more information than ever before. All to keep you up-to-date and ready for anything.

"For us in the weather center, the PinPoint Weather Team, it gives us a minute by minute update to let you know what's happening and alert you so that you can stay ahead of the storm as it moves through the Brazos Valley," says Winkley.

That data comes from a new satellite, the GOES 16. Data from Earth's orbit and our planet's most advance satellite help us forecast every day. Think of it like going from black and white TV to HDTV.

Winkley adds "What looked almost like a blob in our old system, we are now bringing to you in high definition. As NOAA upgrades their satellites that are launched into space, now we can see things like the rain, the clouds, the lightning that is happening in storms. We can bring that to you with a new clarity that we've never been able to before."

The next time you check the forecast on-air, on-line, or on the KBTX app, it will come with a fresh look and more data behind the forecast. All to keep you and your family safe when it matters most and to help plan your day no matter what Texas weather brings.