Local bikers assisting a Bryan family in need

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - What started as a nomination for the Ranch Harley Davidson Toy Run Foundation is now changing a family's life--for the better.

The Toy Run is organized by local bikers. The group chooses 10-15 families to help around the holidays.

When the Toy Run committee visited the Horse family's home for the interview process and saw their living conditions, they say they knew they wanted to help out with more than gifts.

Virgil Marko is on the Toy Run Committee and owns his own restoration company.

"So when I walked through that house, I knew what I was looking at," said Marko. "There wasn't mold that just leaped out at you everywhere, but there was mold, and it broke my heart."

The Toy Run foundation moved the family out of their home on Friday and into a hotel for the time being.

One of the tenants of the house is My'Keyah Horse. She has three children and one baby on the way and says she is extremely grateful for their assistance.

"The blessing is they are going to help us replace everything, and they have put us in a nice hotel for as long as they can until they actually find us something permanent," said Horse.

The Toy Run Foundation also plans to replace all of the family's furniture and clothes--and provide gifts for the children.

"That's going to be a Godsend for them," said Marko.

The family will only be in the hotel for a couple of weeks, and the Toy Run committee is asking for the community's help finding them a more suitable and affordable home.