The Wallis files: Here's what former teachers thought about Bryan ISD

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX)- This week the Bryan Independent School District released hundreds of documents related to its former superintendent, Dr. Tommy Wallis.

Tucked away in those records are a snapshot of what teachers and parents think about the school district. KBTX has poured over dozens of exit surveys to get a better idea of what our educators are dealing with on a daily basis and some their biggest challenges.

Click here to see some of the 2015 employee survey results.

A former teacher who spent 21 years at Bowen Elementary wrote "The thing I liked the least about my job was the increase in demands and added responsibilities that were placed upon me and that I in turn placed upon my kindergartners."

Another wrote "My job was so micromanaged and scripted that I felt that I didn't have any worth, other than just being a warm body carrying out anything I was programmed to do. "

A former teacher who spent three years at Henderson Elementary said "I feel like Bryan ISD overloads its teachers and takes the fun out of teaching."

Click here to see 2015 BISD parent survey results.

The remarks were made in 2015 when Wallis was still leader of the school district. In district wide employee surveys that year, educators gave favorable remarks for leadership at the campus level, said they had the appropriate tools for teaching, and felt safe in their schools.

However, when they were asked about curriculum and assessments, few felt that their voices were heard. One teacher wrote "What I do is never good enough."