The Wright Repsonse: July 19, 2018

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - What would a week be without receiving another note accusing KBTX of being all in on a liberal agenda, or some such non-sense. K-S sends along this note, one I knew I was going to enjoy when the subject line is: "biased anchors." The note said:

"I don't care how many ads you run or how many times you declare KBTX is real news and doesn't tolerate agendas, even the way you frame stories and just regurgitate your CBS news feeds screams you are just another propaganda spewer. Real journalism is dead."

What I've come to understand is this: if we report something factual, and someone like K-S doesn't agree with it, we must be promoting an agenda. At least we get accused from both sides as spewing propaganda!

Not long ago, DNA evidence was behind an exhumation of the body of a suspect in connection with the death of local realtor Virginia Freeman. This e-mail is a bit disturbing to read, but R-B shared some concerns:

"Mr. Wright, I watched uncomfortably, the gathering of DNA from this executed man's large leg bone. It was carried across the cemetery in a plastic bowl, put down on some table, and we watched a saw cutting into it while others were observing. This casual handling of remains and televising of it bothered me. Also, there were several people taking photos. Maybe all the photos were for trail of evidence, but I hazard a guess some were for gruesome souvenirs. This was a fellow human being, not some cut of beef. I do not know any of the people involved then or now so I am not prejudiced, l do believe in the death penalty, and it appears this man deserved it several times over; however, do we not have a need for common decency, respect for the dead? This display of his bones, sawing them with a hacksaw was above what the story called for the facts could have been conveyed without the lack of respect for the remains of a fellow human. I admit shock and revulsion for what I saw. He did have relatives, and once on internet it never goes away. No need to take up your time to respond."

First, of course I'll respond. There are some valid points contained in this note, we are aware of your concerns, and perhaps a warning that some viewers might find this video disturbing would have been in order. As for the assertion that some overseeing that process might have been taking a gruesome souvenir, is not accurate at all. I did speak with News 3's Whitney Miller about the process, and she was more than impressed with this professionalism and care with which people in charge of that operation conducted themselves. We do thank you for your input.

We'll wrap up on a happy note from B-P:

"Hi, Mike. Every time the jingle plays that talks about KBTX News, and you have all these pictures of everything going on around the Brazos Valley, kids getting married, little kids in a play – I get weepy. That's the most awesome way to talk to this community about what KBTX has to offer. The jingle makes you turn around and look at the TV. It makes us feel like we're part of your family and you are part of ours."

And B-P? That's exactly the intent. But I can't take credit for the resurrection of the "This is Your News" campaign.

That was the idea of KBTX Station Mgr Lori Bruffett, in honor of the 60th anniversary of news 3. We're glad it still has impact.

Be in touch anytime, your opinion matters to this family of KBTX News 3.