The Wright Response: July 20, 2017

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - We're still getting notes and e-mails about the KBTX 60th Anniversary and all the old footage we shared during that time. Thanks to J-S for this note:

"My husband and I have lived in this community since 1988 and I think I remember when there was no local midday newscast. Over the years I've seen lots of changes in the station staff and programming. When I think of the history of KBTX, I immediately think of the Bonfire Collapse. For me, that was the defining moment for your station. Your constant coverage kept our community informed as our hearts were breaking. You probably remember that everywhere you went in town, people were in tears. Helicopters were constantly flying overhead and parking lots were filled with national news trucks.{} For them, this was just another big news story but for KBTX, there was a tragedy in the family! Thank you for being a local voice."

And J-S? Of all the memories I have tied up in 25-years at KBTX, I agree, that morning was one I'll indeed never forget.

I've mentioned before about receiving a call very early from the morning producer at KBTX alerting me to the fact that Bonfire had fallen – and those who've been here a while recall it had fallen only a couple of years earlier, around '96 or '97, and was built back in time for the burn. But the phone rang again about a possible fatality.

Johanna Henry and Carmen Izzo had been sent to go live from the scene, I got out of bed, and we were on-air very early with coverage. Generally Brazos Valley This Morning started at 6am, but that morning, we were on closer to 4:45 or so. I was on the newsdesk 9-hours straight until relieved around 1:30 by Jenni Lee and Steve Ring.

Images of then A&M President Ray Bowen and Director of Communications Cindy Lawson are still in my head – just a sad day. And thanks J-S, most of all, for your observation.

To the rest of the state and country, it was a big news story. To us, it was indeed tragedy in the family.

How about a quick throwback Thursday to lighten the mood a bit. Let's roll it back to September of 1985, 32-years ago. Gallery Nissan, a shot of Dave Ward, AND the voice of Roy Gene Munse from KORA fame.

(Please see video above to watch the commerical)

My goodness, what a commercial concept and what a shot of Dave Ward with the beard!

Love those vintage ads.

For 60-years, we're proud to serve the Brazos Valley. Be in touch anytime, your opinion matters to this family of KBTX News 3.