The Wright Response: August 10, 2017

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - A few weeks back we experienced an issue that lit up our phones and e-mails, one that surfaces from time to time – about the signal "jumping" and voice glitches during KBTX programming. These issues generally only occur to DirecTV and Dish viewers. D-B called in:

"I had to go to a meeting yesterday, and when I got home last night and wanted to watch three of my favorite shows on my DVR, you had both video and audio drop out every few seconds all evening long, which {}made it impossible to watch them. Is there some way you can correct your signal problems?"

This is difficult to explain. Yes, there were signal problems in homes that have Direct or Dish. Suddenlink and other regional cable systems didn't experience the problem. Suddenlink – because we fiber literally across the street to their head end. Other cable systems because they use an antenna to receive our signal straight from our tower in Carlos. For Direct and Dish, since their head end is north of Waco, we send the KBTX signal by fiber – to Georgetown, to Dallas, then back to Waco. It's just the way this all works. There was an issue somewhere along the way with the fiber we rent from cable companies. So, the signal from KBTX was in good shape. Along the way, it was compromised. Here's an excerpt from another viewer, same issue.

I always watch KBTX News but recently I have not been able to actually see and know what is going on in our area. The reception is horrible, it is either giving us a black screen or pixels and no sound, {}this goes on thru out the news, you see the anchor's mouth moving but no sound. I was wondering if the problem is with KBTX or Direct, but I'm sure it must be KBTX since this doesn't happen on other channels.

I'm appreciative of this note from C-B, and no, it doesn't happen on other stations. Their feed actually is run through their home stations in Waco, thus eliminating the need for fiber. It isn't KBTX, yet – we're responsible for the signal because we are paying for fiber to deliver it? Kindasorta? It's complicated. All to say, thanks for your patience as we addressed that issue.
And, from time to time I include the easy ones in here, because generally, especially with politics, e-mails can be a little edgy. N-W writes:

I just watched the noon news today and didn't see Michael Marks the Produce Man. Have you discontinued that segment? I love watching him! I hope this was just a one-time occurrence that you didn't air it. Thanks.

Michael Marks is very much part of the line-up on News 3 at Noon, it was missed recently due to a fast-spreading fire we were covered as breaking news, and simply ran out of time! Since then, he's been back. Had the chance to meet Michael a few years back when he came to Texas A&M for an event. Nice guy.
Be in touch anytime, any question is good for me. We appreciate the input, the good and the sometimes not so good. Your opinion will always matter to this family – of KBTX News 3.