The Wright Response: August 17, 2017

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There are some real winners that come into our complaint department, and I think you’ll agree we’re good at sharing those. Here’s a softball complaint – and about a topic I learned you just don’t mess with. Back in the day when I was on mornings with Orelon Sidney, Roger Barry and Travis Herzog – Barbara Smith, Polly Bell and a number of other incredible co-anchors, we’d ask a trivia question. If WE got the answer wrong, hold on to your horses! I’m just glad social media didn’t exist then. We messed one up recently and DM was quick to let us know:

“You have the wrong answer to this morning’s question. The question was Fred Flintstone’s pet dinosaur’s name. His name was Dino. The answers listed on your site are all wrong. ‘Barney’ is listed twice. Dino isn’t listed at all. Sorry, but I grew up with Fred and his family.”

DM? So did I! And I’m irritated – of COURSE it was Dino! What in the world were we thinking? That aired about time I got out of school each day, following by Gilligan, Leave it to Beaver and Lucy – all from Channel 11 in Ft. Worth, home to Icky Twerp’s morning show called Slam Bang Theater. But – I digress.

We can easily take for granted the extensive network of weather watchers who keep KBTX informed about weather throughout the region, and in particular, rainfall. Here’s an example from J&B:

“We live in Milam County. It is 7:30 pm and I see the clearing line to the west. We’ve had pretty continuous rain since after midnight. Just checked the rain gauge before it gets dark: 4.5 inches of wonderful rain. We are one of those areas that had not gotten any of the recent rains and we were very dry. Thank God for the great slow rain all day.”

We recently received a lot e-mails with info about rain, and personally – I thank Chief Meteorologist Shel Winkley and the crew of Max, Carly and Mack for always responding. We thank those viewers who take time to be in touch.

And a KBTX family note today – a special congratulations to Darryl Bruffett who recently celebrated his 30th anniversary with KBTX News 3. There is an incredible video tribute on Facebook to Darryl, and I won’t go over all information there, but Ulman McMullen hired Darryl, the pride of Alvin, a Bearkat straight out of Sam Houston. Darryl and his awesome crew of John, Cody and Jake, as well as many others like Dwayne Parsons, John Oakey, David Reed, Ron Crozier and Jeff McShan, work hard to highlight the good stories about young people. He’s aired highlights of accomplishments, and had to report when we lose someone related to our local sports scene. 25 or so classes of Classroom Champions, so many who were made to feel special because of Darryl’s heart and dedication to local sports.

Some of us choose to remain here, not because there weren’t other options. Darryl had opportunities with Fox Sports and other television stations, but – like so many – this is home, and really – in a world of change, consolidation and big media companies that regard people as just numbers, the original KBTX ownership and now Gray Television – believe in places like the Brazos Valley – and – in people – like Darryl. Congratulations on 30-awesome years. And as season 31 begins for Darryl in a couple of weeks, you’ll see him on sidelines doing what he loves and highlighting those he loves to covers – the athletes, the bands, the drill teams, and coaches and faculty who make Fridays and Saturdays in Texas – something special.

Be in touch anytime – your opinion matters to the family – at KBTX News 3.

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