The Wright Response: August 2, 2018

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - It was about a month ago when we lost two individuals who truly loved their respective communities, former Mayor of College Station Ron Silvia and longtime Caldwell resident, former mayor and City Administrator, Billy Broaddus.

The two had different personalities, both of which would be evident when I had the privilege of interviewing them on various issues. Ron was a little quieter than Billy, but convicted to his beliefs and excited about the future of College Station. Billy was – well – a little flamboyant at times, loved to laugh, and really never met a stranger. After all, Billy was born and raised in Caldwell except for a small stint in the Army. He was a proud member of the Hornet class of 1947.

Not everyone agreed with Ron or with Billy on city issues or politics, who really ever does? But the one thing everyone can say, is that they were passionate about the cities they served, and that type of leadership doesn't come along that often. Both were a little "old school," as the saying goes. But in light of the head-butting that unfortunately is defining our society these days, perhaps the "old school" approach of people like Ron and Billy are needed a little bit more each day. May these former leaders rest well, knowing their vision and dedication will be missed.

Something positive from B-B with praise for News 3's Courtney Carpenter:

"Thank you for the wonderful coverage your reporter gave our Foxfire 4th of July Parade. She was there before it began and stayed until the end. It seemed she really wanted to capture the spirit of our parade and we appreciate her effort. It is good for all of us to see our country celebrating together and remembering that we are all Americans and have a wonderful heritage to preserve."

T-R writes in with an all too familiar question and concern:

"I have Direct TV service. Going on 6 or 7 months now your channel , when I watch it, has a wide black bar at top and bottom of the screen. Also all the people on the programs look like they are 50 pounds heavier than they actually are. I have wrote to you before about this and someone there writes me and tells me it is not your problem that it was Direct TV problem. I just talked to Direct TV and they tell me it in the broadcast stations problem. So who is correct? And I was told that KBTX does not broadcast in Digital/HD. Is this true. What has to be done to get this corrected, so I can start watching this local channel?"

What can be done? Depending on where you are, switch to Suddenlink or Dish Network. Who is correct? KBTX is. We are. You were lied to by DirecTV. Plain and simple. KBTX does broadcast in Digital HD. We would not be legal in the eyes of the law if we didn't. Ask yourself this question: We supply the same feed to Dish Network and to area cable systems. They broadcast KBTX in high-def. DirecTV changes the picture they receive, so you see the black box.

This region of Texas isn't worthy of High Definition from KBTX in the eyes of DirecTV, even though we spend tens of thousands each year to deliver the signal to their head end north of Waco. It is sad local consumers are told such ludicrous, incorrect statements. It is 100% Direct's decision. We do continue to work on this issue, but – it is difficult working with them.

There are local solutions, and we're happy to assist you work around the box you have in order to receive KBTX in high-def. Just call or e-mail, I'll be sure to ask someone in engineering to help you.

Be in touch anytime, your opinion, and concerns like this matter – to the family of KBTX News 3.