The Wright Response: August 23, 2018

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - When live programming airs on KBTX, as you well know, we hear the good and the not so good. As people like me grow older, institutional knowledge we gained along the way may disappear from the air. I had the privilege of being on-air at KBTX as a morning news host and anchor for a little over 11-years.

There are things the new generation of leaders may not fully understand. No disrespect to them, but – there were things I didn't understand back in the day from the generation before me.

During a recent segment in Brazos Valley This Morning, there was a discussion about Jane Fonda, yes – a political hot button from the 60s. We mentioned there was a re-boot of the movie "9 to 5" in the works, and that there would soon be a documentary out about Fonda's life. A-J sent this note:

"I cannot believe that I just heard your morning crew praising Jane Fonda and then admit they had no idea she was a Vietnam activist! Do research on your subjects! And at least know that there are still people who consider her a traitor!"

Look, I get that Fonda is polarizing for comments she made about the Vietnam War, and I'm not disagreeing that many consider her to be a traitor. In this segment, I'll let you know when we are wrong, and – when we're right. The praise was not for Jane Fonda as much as it was for her show with Lily Tomlin and the re-boot. And you're right, Noelle Bellow was honest. She didn't realize she was an activist. Should she have been? In a perfect world, yes. A teaching moment, and now, she and the morning crew are up to speed.

R-O took us to task on a story we aired about the widening project at FM 60, Stotzer, deep University, however you want to refer to it, and 2818 – the diamond-type flow of traffic:

"The story "FM 60 at FM 2818 being closed Wednesday" ran yesterday and according to your web site was one of the most viewed on the site that day. The illustrative graphic is very wrong and needs to be corrected.

1. Interstate 40 shown in the graphic crosses the Texas panhandle is no where near BCS.

2. No other streets or highways are identified.

3. The directional arrow points north along one of the major (unidentified) arteries. Neither runs north. Harvey Mitchell runs NW/SE; Raymond Stotzer runs NE/SW.

KBTX urgently needs to correct this graphic. TODAY!"

And for a while, I was with him! - as I had not yet caught up on our stories of the day. UNTIL – News 3's Michael Oder explained that this was a video explaining how the intersection works, and is indeed from North Carolina – thus the use of I-40. The newsroom does understand how we could have been clearer, however, this was explained on air. And R-O? Again, I was right there with you. I knew good and well William D Fitch, i.e. 40, wasn't no interstate!

Congratulations to Theresa Mangapora and the crew of the Brazos Valley Food Bank, and to the huge crowd that responded to this year's Feast of Caring at the Brazos Center.

And thanks to the Bryan ISD Education Foundation for having me as their emcee once again this year at the Hall of Honor Banquet at Miramont last Saturday.

It's an impressive list of inductees into the Hall of Honor this year including Dr. Mary Custer, SFA Class of 62, Dr. Adolph Johnson, Jr, Kemp class of 1966, our friend Christopher Lampo, Bryan High Class of 1985, Misty Munoz, Bryan class of 99, Tommy Ramirez, Jr, class of 73, and Dr. Bill Riggs, Bryan High Class of 1994.

Be in touch anytime, your opinion matters to the television station that was here for all these inductees – since 1957, we are – KBTX News 3.