The Wright Response: August 3, 2017

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - Let’s start with something positive today – this sent to us recently from B-H.

“Just wanted to say that BVTM this Friday morning was the best in all the years I have been watching. What a great mix of local news & community interest stories. It helps that the BVTM crew is excellent at what they do.

I walked out the door this morning with a smile on my face and a positive attitude primarily due to BVTM.”

B-H? You made our day, and especially Noelle, Josh, Max and Courtney – and all the behind the scenes crew that is dedicated at that hour of the morning, the producers and the technical crew. Thank you for taking time to be in touch.

From time to time, we pay honor to those who have passed on, and so it is with Emil Ogden who passed away last week. His son, former State Senator Steve Ogden put it best in his quote published in The Eagle, saying that Emil “always made things a little better.” And – he did.

Whether it was in business or in his support of philanthropic causes, our community is better because of Emil Ogden. It could have been through his support and passion for the Boys and Girls Clubs, Habitat for Humanity or the Brazos Valley Symphony – Emil was about people and about Bryan-College Station.

Some will mourn the loss and rightfully so. However, to be given Emil for 89+ years will continue to be a blessing long after his physical presence has left us.

Likely, everyone had Emil Ogden stories – he could spin a good one and was never at a loss for words. I count it as one of life’s greatest blessings spending a few lunches across the table from Emil.

Now – here’s a warning. If your life wasn’t changed by Emil Ogden, it may be after you hear this – so – consider yourself warned.

We’re at Rockfish – the restaurant that later burned down and was resurrected as Fish Daddy. Emil ordered water and asked for a straw. I asked why the straw? I know – germs, all that stuff – but I was curious.

He said that he and a detective were looking for a murder suspect – and – don’t hold me to it, it MAY have been Bob Wyatt – that is ringing a bell, but I can’t be sure. Anyway – while dining in a restaurant, they spotted the suspect. After the suspect left, Emil asked that the dishes be preserved for DNA testing. When the results came back, Emil thrilled that there was a MATCH on his glass. His DNA was there – as was the DNA of over a dozen other people. That’s right. The next move I made – was to ask – for a straw, and I’ve never looked back…maybe in a fancy place, I won’t use one – but because of Emil – I almost ALWAYS do.

In a world that has become seemingly more contentious, Emil was a gentleman. Always good for advice on life – and – on using drinking straws. Complex to simple, but all shared with a good heart. I like to always quote the old possum George Jones – who’s gonna fill these shoes.