The Wright Response: August 30, 2018

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - This is a first for me, re-visiting a comment that previously aired. I usually don’t include unsigned letters, unless there is something funny or so pointed it is “too good not to share.” You may recall this note we received:

“On 4/2 (April 2nd), ten o’clock news reported China put tariffs on 1,200 products. Correct number is 120. Don’t you check data for being correct? This is why people don’t trust news media-fake news. News media is just one step above used car salesmen. Any news person should have known 1,200 may be wrong.”

At the time, I apologized to our friends who are used car salesmen for the tone of this note. I also responded by saying that was a projection, time will tell. Now that we are into the “tariff” business with some countries, and some tariffs have kicked in, others haven’t, according to the US Government list of items, that number totals – get ready – 1,102, presently 88-short of the original 1200 total. True, the report we ran was wrong. But the 120 quoted from the source touting that number, was dead wrong, meant to rial-up people like those who write letters to someone like me. Since the media is also accused of not following up on stories, I thought today would be a good day for – well – a follow-up.

So – there was no doubt when students and faculty came roaring back to Bryan-College Station, over 68,000 enrolled at Texas A&M this semester. And with it, comes a little confusion and chaos that is happening right now – just up the road from News 3 in the vicinity of Kyle Field, as the Jimbo Fisher area kicks off in a little over two hours, as the Aggies welcome Northwestern State. While this may be an inconvenience to some, no one is upset about what this crowd does for the economy of Bryan-College Station. Also starting tonight for at least A&M Consolidated, and most everyone else tomorrow – is another season of high school football. The News 3 staff will be out covering a near record number of games again, as the Friday Football Fever Season premiere hits the air tomorrow night following Colbert. Let’s do a throwback Thursday – to one of my all time favorite opens for the Friday Football show. We’ve upped the technical quality, and the opens we run today are just awesome, award-winning stuff. But who can NOT like Ty Warren, at the time playing for the Bryan Vikings – featured in this open from 1998.

See the video player above for throwback intro.

Ty went on to have an incredible career in the NFL, but an even better career as a human being.

Be careful out there, and be in touch anytime. Your opinion matters to this family of KBTX News 3.