The Wright Response: December 14, 2017

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - At first glance, I thought – this person can't be serious. But, yes, he was. Then came the follow-up. Since this initial call, we've visited at length, and at the root of that call was an incredibly intelligent, well-meaning individual who doesn't want to sit on the sideline, but respond to the challenges some face in our community with hunger. Right before the KBTX Food for Families Food Drive, I received this call:

"I just saw your commercial for food for families and its very misleading. It says there's 35,000 children in the Brazos Valley that are at risk of hunger. There aren't even 35,000 kids IN the Brazos Valley. You're misleading people to give all this stuff, a lot of them are just taking advantage of the system. If there are 35,000 children, then there are a lot of bad parents. It's misleading and a lot of taxpayer money is wasted on a huge food bank. Somebody needs to actually stand up and say something about this, but the people you solicit to don't know the truth."

So, yes – I was a little shocked to get this message, but – after conversation, we found we were very much on the same page. First, the 35,000 refers to the entire Brazos Valley, something the caller didn't know.

The Brazos Valley Food Bank serves several counties throughout the region. Secondly, they rely on donations and maybe a grant here or there. With regard to taxpayer money, the closest the Food Bank gets to that is $7700 from the county which goes directly to the backpack program. All to say, the conversation and intent of the caller was lost in what I heard on the surface.

After learning more, this person wants to find ways to help those in need. That's the bottom line. In this day in time where disagreements can end friendships, conversation can create friendships, and result in a positive outcome. KBTX stands in full support of the Brazos County Food Bank and its mission.

On a lighter side, we received an email from an irritated viewer, but as we read further, it was all about – a Chick fil A party tray. M-C writes:

"I was born in Houston but have lived in Bryan for as long as I can remember. I grew up watching you guys before school. I just have a tiny complaint. I have never—not once—won the Applause birthday gift (which, for most of my life, was a party tray from Chic-fil-A). My brother had a birthday recently and won again. My sister just had a birthday and won her second or third time. I'm sorry and I know it's "random", but this is extremely unfair and if I don't get the recognition I deserve, I might have to call for greater media attention. I want a gift card, gosh darn it. I would take a hug from the cutest newscaster/reporter at the station, for goodness sakes. I have loved and supported you for as long as I can remember and THIS is the thanks I get??? The NY Times and Washington Post are getting a call if I don't get a response within 48 hours. Thank you and good day. - A girl who deserves a party tray. (PS. I hope whoever read this has a sense of humor. Love you guys!)

M-C? Two things. Your family is really lucky. Have you seen how many pictures we receive for the Applause segment on BVTM? I was on-air when that started in about 1992, and the prize was from a local company called "Pop-Abilities!" It was a balloon arrangement. So yes, your brother and sister are lucky to win that often with so many entries. You on the other hand? You have a point. You just have bad luck – but in the spirit of the holidays, let me see what we can do to turn that frown upside down! Be in touch anytime.

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