The Wright Response: February 1, 2018

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - As promised, an update! Here's an excerpt from that really pointed message I received and aired last week, the one responding to my comments about how we address the office of the President. He wrote:

"Just caught that last couple minutes of your babble. About how great you are. Lmao. And how you care how this community feels. And yes make no mistake about it sir. You are what's wrong with this country. You live for money and fame not life."

So – call me crazy, but I responded – and – asked to meet in person, understanding that this person's frustration was probably a lot of mine as well. It was a risk, based on the tone of the note, and one more this person had sent. But – there we were, on a Sunday afternoon, talking it out, face to face. Turns out his concerns are for the future of our kids. Mine too.

The concern is the divide in the country. Mine too. Would I rather there wasn't such an attack mode? Likely, yes. However, once we left, while we might agree to disagree on some things? – we were more on the same page. And while he indicated there may not be more emails like this, I'm good with it. In fact, I'll take all he's got, because at the root of the true problem with America? Lack of respect or a desire to sit down and compare notes. In a time during which I've been unfriended on facebook and written off by others who just had bad information but didn't care, I'm good with someone like this person. So, thanks for your time, and I look forward to more conversation down the road.

Sometimes, we get it wrong, and D-E was in touch about an error on our 4pm Newscast:

"I believe your report on today's 4 PM was inaccurate. It was reported that two admirals were recommended for court martial for two ship collisions with fatalities. Currently I believe that only the Commanding Officers (both Commanders) and some subordinates are recommended for discipline. An Admiral higher up in command is leaving his post early."

KBTX News Director Josh Gorbutt responded quickly:

"You're absolutely correct that the Admiral is not recommended for discipline and I apologize for the error. The show's producer came and told me as soon as he realized the error and we've corrected it for later airings. Unfortunately, this was just a case of writing a complicated story too quickly and human error on our part."

J-S writes in about our "This is Your news Campaign."

In the past your music video of the KBTX "Its all about people" used to have a short view of the cadets in the A&M Corps. Your new video totally avoids showing anything related to the A&M Corps of Cadets. I hope this was not deliberate and that this follow up adequately explains a glaring missing detail in the video.

Actually, it may be deliberate. Through the years, we've aired hundreds of these image campaigns, and not all of them have included the Corps. That said, of all organizations we feature, the Corps appears a lot. Everything is seasonal, and groups from all over the Brazos Valley are featured from time to time – so yes, count on the Corps being back in a future promo.

Thanks to the group at Opas Gala for having me as their emcee for the big celebration at the Expo, and to the Brazos Valley Symphony for asking me back for about the 15th time to narrate Peter and the Wolf!

Keep writing in, be in touch – because your opinion will always matter this family – of KBTX News 3.