The Wright Response: February 15, 2018

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It’s no secret we’re off to a rough ride in 2018 with complaints about political bias from KBTX: some saying we are liberal, others saying we are now a mouthpiece for the Republicans and President Donald Trump. DB wrote in with a word of encouragement:

“Usually miss the show at 6 and rarely stay awake to watch the news at 10. When I do catch a broadcast I find them informative and as free of personal opinion as probably any reporter could make them. I do read the KBTX App several times a day and really like your 'Wright Response.' I guess you need the Nay Sayers and Picky Whiners for material. Heaven knows they won’t go away and I bet they don’t stop watching. All that said you guys are doing a good job! Do you make goofs? Of course.

"I had a boss tell me once 'Don’t worry about making mistakes. I know you're working if you make a mistake every now and then. Only guy that does not make mistakes isn’t doing anything'--kinda long, I know, but makes my point.”

Then, comes this note. Through the years we’ve received complaints about everything from the ties we wear, to hair styles and most everything in between. CT says:

“Mr. Wright, Please obtain a higher table with a centerpiece. I find it offensive to see the women’s dresses creep up their legs. Nor do I appreciate seeing the men below the waist.”

To be honest, sometimes it is the attire of our staff and how some choose to sit on the couch, but – the devil is in the details, as they say – we’ll address this concern.

DS writes in with a concern about our news content:

“Why is your station airing a murder suicide that happened in Bay City? I have always enjoyed watching your news, but lately it has degraded to showing more murder, mayhem and violent acts that are not just local but from other areas. If I want to see this type of programming I will start watching Houston channels. Y’all are above that. There has to be more news stories available with out going to blood and guts.”

DS? Two factors. First, what all was going on locally? Sometimes local news days are lighter than others so regional news gets airtime. Second, was there any local tie? If there is neither, our newscasts overall are built to inform, and does have a regional focus that might include more of the Houston area news than Dallas, but that depends on the content. I disagree, however, that we have degraded to showing more murder, mayhem and violence. One other factor – could be the newscast time. For instance, unless it is a major developing story, there isn’t much national news at 6pm, for example, since CBS Evening News has likely just covered it. There would be a heavier concentration on local and regional news, like from Bay City, during that newscast than perhaps others. Based on what we see, not much has changed from a content standpoint with regard to the types of stories we air; however, we thank you for bringing this to our attention and we respect your opinion.

Thanks for caring enough to be in touch, we learn from all input and it is appreciated by this family of KBTX News 3.

Contact Mike Wright at or (979) 595-1501.