The Wright Response: February 22, 2018

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - While the past two weeks yielded its share of e-mails challenging KBTX for what is perceived bias, be it conservative or liberal, but sometimes we get a ray of sunshine complimenting a staff member, and so it is with this note from M-H about – our own Whitney Miller.

This was a long note, and it is greatly edited in the interest of time. It refers to Whitney's compassion for a family during a very challenging time in their lives:

"Hi Mike, I'd like to take a moment to recognize one of your reporters, Whitney Miller. She is absolutely amazing. She was there from literally the beginning as one of the first reporters on the scene. She saw the chaos, and all she could think about was protecting the family from what they were about to not only see, but what they would have to go through in the aftermath. And sadly I now know this has stuck with her to this day. She was very kind and everyone got a sense of comfort from her on that horrible day and that STILL remains today as she welcomed us all with that beautiful smile and even more welcomed hugs! Y'all have a Diamond, she's so down to earth, honest and heartfelt in everything she says and I truly believe that this job is absolutely her calling! Please make sure you take good care of her for us and everyone else she touches Mike! Thanks for your time and God bless you all!"

I can't tell you what a note like this means to me personally, and for the impact these notes have on the staff. While daggers are thrown our direction from all sides at one time or another, there is – at the heart of KBTX – people who care about this community and work every day to in some way make it an even better place to live.

Thank you, for taking time to be in touch about one of our own. We agree, Whitney is indeed one of the best.

There are times terms may indeed be overused, and those situations are addressed. B-W writes in with this concern:

"In recent days "beloved" to describe the Mexia DPS trooper and just now in a story about the San Marcos policeman. "Well-thought-of" perhaps, or "respected" but there's an excess of sweetness in "beloved." If it is true, use a clip from someone saying it, but it doesn't sound right coming out of the mouth of a reporter or anchor."

We will make note of this concern, and will say that perhaps we are using the sentiment shared with us by those in attendance. I don't know, but we will pass this along to those who write the stories.

On-screen during programming, we will frequently have a radar image and rotating names of counties under alerts or watches. R-H expressed concern a while back about placement of this graphic:

"Thanks to KBTX for keeping us informed of weather warnings and alerts. However, is there any way the alert on screen can be moved to the upper left corner as it is on your sister station? The placement on KBTX is often a distraction to what is being reported or seen on TV."

R-H? As you know by our responses, the answer is YES. We agree it is too far over and therefore can be distracting. Efforts are underway to move it over a bit. Thanks for being in touch, you were absolutely right and we're on it. We thank everyone for their notes, it all matters to this family of KBTX News 3.