The Wright Response: February 8, 2018

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - KBTX and Gray Television are one of maybe three broadcast companies, to have a complete Washington Bureau with offices in the Capitol and a studio overlooking the capitol. Our company owns approximately 57-televisions in markets that are primarily in state Capitols and University towns.

When elected law makers have something to say directly to their constituents, rather than some of the big networks, they go to visit with Gray Television. Such was the case recently when one our reporters was invited to meeting with President Donald Trump. I have to say, getting complaints that something we aired showed our political bias toward "conservatives," is a little refreshing.

We are accused most of the time for a political bias to the left. We are neither, but some will argue. What we do is present what each side is saying, and frankly, to get complaints about something we aired from a conservative point of view tells me, we are balanced – yet – no one will really be happy.

As always, I've responded and had conversations with all who had concerns, and sometimes we agree, sometimes we disagree, but we all have in our hearts a desire to see a country United – so that the potential of greatness can be fully recognized. D-C wrote in:

"I just watched the segment from your "Washington Bureau Chief." I have never seen such a piece of disingenuous political theater on my heretofore trusted local news channel. "A White House plan to engage directly with your viewers" -- what a crock! It is just a Republican campaign ad. It's if Fox News has overtaken your station – only worse because it's veiled and insidious trickery masquerading as "real LOCAL news." I am deeply disappointed – saddened – that KBTX has taken this turn. Moreover, you owe your viewers some explanation for what this is all about. Why are you now a mouthpiece for the Trump administration? I don't know how others in the community will feel, but I find this stomach turning and – if it keeps up I will be switching to another station for local coverage."

D-M had this to say:
"I was a viewer of KBTX, but I saw your spot about Donald Trump inviting local newscasters, and it was obviously a shameless attempt at an advertisement for Donald Trump, the Republican Party, or somebody but it certainly was a poor masquerade of being neutral. Just want to tell you it is so shameless that I won't shame you by telling you what I think of it but I will tell you that I won't watch your broadcast station anymore. If you're going to put something on like that that is obviously propaganda, you need to masquerade it a little better."

After speaking with News Director Josh Gorbutt, will we continue to closely check content that comes from all sources? Absolutely. Just as we do for the mountain of complaints we receive from those thinking we lean left.

Bottom line: we will never be perfect, but in this slippery political slope, we are paying special attention to everything. It isn't about retaining viewers. It is about truth, integrity, and simply reporting what is being said. It isn't ours to judge. We do thank you, everyone, for being in touch to hold us accountable, and to perhaps keep us focused on the principles of true journalism – not to mislead or sway, but to simply inform, and to do so with integrity.

That's the goal.
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