The Wright Response: January 18, 2018

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - KBTX humbly thanks you for making and all our social media platforms the most-used most-watched in the region. This is especially true during extreme weather conditions, like those experienced at the beginning of the New Year with freezing temperatures and precipitation. Each time there is a change to our on-air or on-line look, we get feedback, and we thank you for that. We're grateful to work with a support group that allows for change to better meet the needs of consumers. R-R had this simple suggestion:

"Your purple font on the weather scroll and upper left corner are almost impossible to read. Can you make the purple a lighter shade?"

Shel responded:
"We can sure work on it. We typically stick with the color choices the National Weather Service uses for specific watches / warnings / advisories. That being said, I we can for sure tweak that purple a bit.

And – count on Shel to do what he can. Sometimes change requests are easy to accommodate.

SRC had this these questions and requests:
Whenever they show map of surrounding counties for severe weather, like today's Hard Freeze in purple, Is it possible to name the counties so one might know where bad weather is? Before i moved here from East Harris County their map listed 8 surrounding counties by name. When I see your map I have no idea who is who.

Once again, the response from Chief Meteorologist Shel Winkley:
"First -- welcome to the Brazos Valley. Second -- help me understand what map you are talking about. The map we've been showing on air during our weather forecast has the county names listed over the purple shading. If it is the map you see in the corner of your screen in between newscasts, that's a bit tricky. That map is too small to include the names on the map itself. If you notice, there is a scrolling list of county names in the top left corner of the screen. Hopefully it shed a bit of light for you."

And, as always, some people take issue with programming, this concerning what we ran during the holidays. Here's a note from L-S:

"I want to express my disappointment in the way weather reporting was handled over the holidays. There were times I had to go to Waco station just to find out what was happening with Bryan weather. I know that your employees want a holiday just like everyone else, but when I turned on the news on New Years Day, I could not believe it was pre-recorded). I had family traveling around the state and would have liked some updates on road conditions. I was really let down by the news staff."

We learn from all input but I'm a little confused. New Director Josh Gorbutt responded, but to summarize, we did allow the morning crew to record portions of BVTM so they could enjoy New Years Day off. Due to the cold weather, Mack Morris was live with updates.

The questionable weather was north of the area around Waco. Other than that, it was simply COLD here on New Year's Day. And watching Waco for Bryan-College Station information? Good luck. On social media, and on air – KBTX had live weather coverage and had worked through the night on New Year's Eve to update social media, with travel information.

Josh added:
"That said, I understand your concerns. We need to provide information to any platform our viewers look to, not just the majority. There are ways we can be better next time, and we'll certainly do our best."

All to say, we care. and your opinion matters to this family of KBTX News 3.