The Wright Response: January 25, 2018

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - It was quite the night a couple of weeks back when two of the most generous people I know were honored by the Brazos Valley Museum during their annual fundraiser. David and Julia Gardner were recognized with their special evening, "Diamonds Are Forever."

I was honored to serve as emcee of that event. Several friends took great liberties with their comments, and I've found those to be more special because – friends do that. They keep it real.

Then, serious words were shared, moments of gratitude shared for a couple who have made their life – and their living – in Bryan College Station, believing in this community by their support of many endeavors. This area is one of the best places to live – thanks to David and Julia.

Two weeks ago, we addressed e-mails that frequently arrive challenging us on how we address President Trump.
We confirmed that all guidelines were being followed.
And yes, I knew addressing that issue was taking a risk, and some didn't disappoint, and others approved of the station response.

One viewer unloaded on me soon after the segment aired:

"This is too the Wright Response. Just caught that last couple minutes of your babble. About how great you are. Lmao. And how you care how this community feels. I doubt it! If you did care you wouldn't block your listeners on your fakebook page because our opinion isn't like your so called p-c opinion is. And yes make no mistake about it sir. You are what's wrong with this country. The media makes race relationships at odds more than you think. But that's my two cents. I know you could care less. You live for money and fame not life. Too bad we don't have a REAL NEWS STATION. And your welcome for being nice. P.s. tell your reporters to pay attention."

By the way, I'll have an update about that response at another time. I've been in touch with this person.

R-D writes:
"Howdy Mike. I read with interest your Wright response. I wish folks would focus more on matters of substance, issues that deserve our attention and most importantly, focus on improving our relationship with God, family, friends and community. Not wasting time slamming others on trivial matters. Life is too precious and too short to be distracted by folks who constantly seek offense or seek to be offended so they can spew anger."

And this, from J-M:
"I appreciate your humble an honest answer , however I can not hide the fact I am happy I'm not the only one that see's the disdain for President Trump and conservatives in the national media mostly , but it bleeds over locally.
The question I keep asking myself is are you forced to do this by national networks or is it voluntary and apart of the liberal indoctrination of journalists."

I've said before, please – if you see any "disdain" as you call it, bleeding over to KBTX, let me know. While I respect this opinion, I couldn't disagree more with the line that there is "liberal indoctrination of journalists."

Since you were referring to our handling coverage on a local level, I can only assume you mean there is a liberal indoctrination locally. Plain and simple. There isn't. There never has been.

At anytime anyone would like to attend the news editorial meetings of KBTX morning or afternoon, you are welcome to observe the process.

Thanks for sharing your opinions, and for listening to our response.

Your opinion – whether we agree or disagree, always matters to the family of KBTX News 3