The Wright Response: July 12, 2018

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - I have to admit, it was a perfect storm exactly three weeks ago. More developments on the illegal immigration front that brought in a lot of less than kind e-mails, and in one week – FOUR notes with regard to misspellings on the KBTX website.

Now, I can handle a lot on my back, and unless something is inadvertently overlooked, I respond to all messages and calls that come in to KBTX. I never want people to think their opinion isn't respected. My frustration is not with the volume of complaints. It is rooted in my disappointment we give people a REASON to complain. We should be better than that. K-R writes in:

"Mike, I find a lot of typos in the news stories written on the website. I do understand that in today's fast pace world it happens frequently with auto correct when we are rushing to communicate any kind of message. I admit I am over zealous about it but the story that quoted Kenja Dibbles saying, "I was washing dishes and the hole faucet came apart in my hands," had a strange enough typo that I watched the video to see how it was possible she was quoted as using the word hole in that situation. The word she used was "whole." Most of these things can be caught and corrected if you just read through anything you type one time before you send or submit it. Thanks for what you do and how hard you work to be transparent with the "Wright Response."

And K-R? You are right, it's on us. S-H sends this note:

"Did you write this on your phone? There are at least two word errors in this article. Come on people, proofread before you post. Otherwise, thanks for the timely work."

And, within a day or so, this reminder:

"You really need to speak to someone that is charge of proof reading articles before posting them on your KBTX website. There is a sentence in the shooting by Blinn's article that makes no sense at all. Please have all articles proof read for accuracy before posting on KBTX."

Just as an FYI, we have no proofreader, and don't plan on having one. We take this issue seriously, and we understand that the platform on which we post or air stories, is the most diverse and largest in this region. Being a leader calls for us to act like one. We slip from time to time, and while that is unacceptable, we will continue pushing toward a higher bar of integrity. Your input is greatly appreciated.

J-M was on top of her game when she pointed out an error I made a few weeks back when speaking of our weather department. Erika Paige is the newest meteorologist at KBTX, and I messed up the name:

"Mike, I have respected and admired how you deal with ridiculous complaints about the way KBTX reports the news. I enjoy your Wright Response on Thursdays. But today was a bit shocked when you referred to the newest weather meteorologist as Paige rather than Erika. Obviously an oversight on your part. No need to put this on the air. I have no doubt you will apologize to Erika and reassure her that we welcome her to Aggieland!"

Now, J-M? I could have done that on purpose, the one-word name like Cher, Sting, Prince. But – no, I didn't. It was last name only, and you are right. My apologies to Erika for my mistake – and that one, was all on me. Be in touch anytime, your opinion matters to this family of KBTX News 3.