The Wright Response: July 13, 2017

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - A very special thank you to Glen Brewer and the team of the Bryan-College Station Chamber of Commerce for having me as part of a leadership panel for media in B-CS.

I was joined by Ben Downs of Bryan Broadcasting and Kelly Brown of The Bryan-College Station Eagle. We're always honored to speak with the next generation of leaders for this area, and thanks again for the opportunity.

R-T brings up a question that frequently surfaces related to, this in relation to a story you may recall from a couple of months back involving controversial statements made by an A&M Professor:

"Do you not offer any more a section to respond to things being posted on the website? I see in the case of the killing white people professor you had room for people to sign a petition and respond?"
As mentioned before, unfortunately, we stopped that feature because people in general couldn't behave. Frequent racial slurs, finding an end-around allowing vulgarity to be posted, and a death threat – which was frankly the final straw, brought me to the decision to close down on-line comments. Certainly comments are open on the KBTX Facebook page. You can see that hasn't slowed anyone down in making their opinions known. As for offering a place to sign a petition? It was never the intent, nor did I see that feature available. Not following the complaint on that one.

Sometimes we get calls that – well – just don't make sense. So it is with S-O who called in:
"I've never before called a station to complain, but Saturday Night Live used to be funny, used to be fun, used to be if not "G, a "PG," – but this week there were men slobbering on each other with their half naked bodies and women doing close to the same. I found it disappointing and shut it off."

While I appreciate all input, this is not a CBS show. It is NBC. Not my goat. I'm dealing with the Colbert complaints.

And something positive from N-B:

Hi, Mike. This morning I had such a wonderful experience with KBTX. Y'all had a video playing the National Anthem. Made my day! I was so proud to see that on our local channel. I hope you run that all the time, every morning."

And N-B? We do. It airs each morning on KBTX. KBTX started airing this each morning a few years back, almost sadly – a throwback. I remember growing up stations signing off AND signing on with the National Anthem.

When stations went 24-hours, the Star Spangled Banner was pushed aside for the most part. Now more than ever, we need reminding that we are not as strong divided as we are when we are together – and perhaps, if this helps in some small way, it's worth it.

Be in touch anytime, your opinion matters to this family of KBTX News 3.