The Wright Response: July 26, 2018

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - No one really wants to hear the nice comments we receive, I share them sparingly because sometimes they sound – a little self-serving. But, what the heck. We do get some good comments, and this one from J-K is one of them:

"This is a complimentary for you. I start my day with your morning show. You do a great job of filtering out and handling the really crazy way the news is these days. I just applaud you for that. Thank you so much."

Then, just like that – comment from J-W:

"Why do your newscasters, and weather forecasters use the Valley girl slang English phrase "fer sure"? Some can't do one news report without resorting to use of this phrase. It makes the presentation of your station so unprofessional and discouraging to watch as a trusted reporting authority."

J-W? You've been heard. And I have to say as a former on-air newscasters, there are habits we develop that we just don't notice. We thank you for your input.

Here's one I really like – one from what I call a "hit and runner." I replied two different times to seek some clarity, but of course, never heard back. I did track the name of the person this came from and think I know who it was – and their connection to an organization. But – I can't be sure. It was short, and came in during the 6:00 Newscast, not long after Clay Falls reported on a local visit from Senator Ted Cruz. T-H wrote, short and sweet:

"It's sad to see how KBTX has become less than proper during your tenure."

Less than proper? Not sure, but, while we've done some pretty remarkable things together, we have slipped a few times as well over these past 15 years as leader of the pack here. That's so uplifting to receive! Then, a kind word from a friend from long ago, as K-H writes:

"YEARS ago when you were just a young broadcaster and I was a young teacher, I contacted you and you graciously helped announce our Academic Rodeo at the Robertson County Fair. I wanted to let you know there are some really wonderful young people working for at KBTX. I had the opportunity to meet Clay Falls and Jake Kobersky. Clay came and filmed the dedication of the historic marker at the New Hope Baptist Church in Wheelock. He was so patient, gracious and polite to all of the elderly church members.

Jake came out and reported on the TAMU College of Architecture students and the Professor with the TAMU Center for Heritage Conservation who are working with the Friends of the Wheelock School House to restore our 110 year old community school. You could tell he was truly interested in our project and that showed in the wonderful feature story that KBTX aired. He put everyone at ease when he interviewed us. It was like talking to a friend. It is good to see KBTX is still in the business of supporting the many communities that surround Bryan/College Station. You truly are about hometown news and we are thankful for that."

And K-H? Thank you for being in touch, this made our day. Opinions like these, the good and the not so good – always matter to this family of KBTX News 3.