The Wright Response: July 27, 2017

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - In today's Wright Response, KBTX General Manager Mike Wright responds to a viewer's request to put a certain city on the weather map.

Not long ago we received a nice note about playing the national anthem early each morning.

CQ added to the appreciation for that.

"Usually when I catch the tail end of something it never ends good, but today was the exception. I walked in just as you were giving your closing commentary at the end of the evening news. You were referencing playing the national anthem. As an Army veteran and a loyal citizen of the United States I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you. I applaud your promotion of patriotism. Thanks. #standingovation."

JC wrote in with a suggestion:
"Mike would appreciate you adding Hilltop Lakes to your weather map, I see you do at times but not always and we can find you a temperature person if you want one. Suggestion, use the letters HTL, it would not take up a whole lot of room. We at Hilltop Lakes rely on you folks and thanks for your service to our community."

JC, thanks for taking time to write in with a suggestion.
This is more of a Shel Winkley topic.

Here's a summary of Shel's response back:

"Thanks for the note. I had the pleasure of visiting Hilltop Lakes for the first time recently for the Backyard BBQ. I have to tell you I was blown away at the beauty. We are always looking for more reliable weather watchers and any rain temperatures etc. We are always happy to receive. As far as getting temperatures on the map that is a tricky one due to constraints of our weather system. In order to do so we would need someone with a weather station that can connect to the internet that can get into the nationwide MADISdata. But for now if you send in temperatures from time to time we will for sure mention them on air."

"I normally like watching your station however I was pretty disappointed in tonight's segment. It's July 4th. You report watch kind of fireworks are going to be displayed at the Bush Fireworks display at 10pm...while it's going on? Why not show the actual fireworks show? When did BCS become so boring that ya'll are showing a ridiculous story about a swimsuit business? At 6pm & 10pm! News? I don't think so, that's advertising. Sorry to complain, Happy 4th."

KBTX's evening crew responded and here's the reason the fireworks show wasn't shown in its entirety.

"Thanks for your feedback and for watching. I'll be honest, we enjoyed learning more about what actually goes into putting on the big show at the George Bush Library. We did live stream the fireworks show on our website as well, and Whitney included a few shots of the fireworks in her story. The story out of Houston was a feature piece. Sometimes we don't have time for the good news people claim they want to see. It's a mom and daughter trying to do some good. We figured this was a good night to do that with not a whole lot else going on, in terms of crime."

Fortunately there wasn't a lot happening that evening.
We won't please everyone but perhaps you'll find something worthy of your time during a newscast.

We do appreciate the feedback You be in touch anytime. Your opinion will always matter to this family of KBTX News 3.