The Wright Response: June 14, 2018

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - Voicemails are challenging to transcribe. During the tragic shooting in Santa Fe, KBTX went with live coverage from CBS. The network gave all the information they had at the time, and later had live updates. B-C called in with this comment:

"I want to let you know I was so disappointed in yall's coverage of the Santa Fe shooting. Yall cut off the shooting coverage this afternoon and aired 'The View' which is four old washed up liberal ladies bumpin' their gums for an hour. Luckily I was able to switch over to another station and watch their coverage, which ironically was done by CBS! Looks to me like that station will be the news channel and not KBTX! If you want to call me back, call me."

First, KBTX does not carry "The View." That is on another network. Secondly, the coverage you saw on another station was likely from the CBS Affiliate in Houston, carried live by a co-owned television station in this area. It wasn't the network. There is a difference. Had CBS had coverage, we would have aired it. As for being the "news channel," we stand by our commitment as the only 24/7 news and weather operation in the region. We aren't here and on air when it is convenient. Our roots run deeper than that. We do thank you for your comment.

J-H sends thought provoking notes from time to time. This person was one of many who weighed in on the vulgar verbal attack by Robert DeNiro aimed at President Trump during the Tony Awards. Luckily, CBS had just enough delay to silence the rant. J-H wrote in with a short message highlighting what DeNiro said. I responded:

"At first I thought there were audio problems, then I rolled it back. Unbelievable, yet – believable in this day and time, sadly. Know what I appreciate? Not attacking KBTX. As always, I'll be in touch with the network, but even they were ready with a "delay" to prevent the words from being spoken."

All to say, it is a sad state of affairs when first – that kind of comment gets a standing ovation from the majority of people in the room, and second – we can't even have an awards show – The Tony Awards, Grammy's, Academy Awards – without someone going off on a political tirade! What happened to the notion that the arts was something that was what we all had in common? A healing factor. J-H did fire back:

"I doubt there was any surprise in the audience. Sadly, it surely was anticipated. I am assuming ALL the network executives were among those standing & applauding. Wouldn't it be interesting to know? You do not belong to an industry I can admire. 'That's show biz!"

J-H? That comment about the industry is as short-sighted and out of line as DeNiro's comment, just without the vulgarity. We aren't all the same! Right now, sadly, at some point during a recent newscast, or perhaps with an on-line story, there is something about a teacher having an inappropriate relationship with a student. Would I EVER say, "sadly, teaching is not a profession I can admire?" Not at all – in fact, it is at the top of my list. Looping all of us as part of the "show biz" industry, assuming the opinions of one are the opinions of all, is delusional talk. Tell that to the over 500 Classroom Champions we've honored over the years, the families whose lives have been changed by the Food for Families annual food drive, or to hundreds of local groups over the years we've supported in various ways. Where did we get to the point of this lack of respect for each other. What are our kids thinking? Be kind. Simple, or so we thought.

Be in touch anytime, no matter what, your opinion does matter to this family of KBTX News 3