The Wright Response: June 21, 2018

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BRYAN ,Tex.(KBTX) - Breaking weather coverage on KBTX is a challenging thing to balance. We are responsible for covering nine regional counties, 18 overall. What may be happening in Burleson County near Caldwell may not be what people are seeing in Bryan College Station or Madisonville. C-T had a comment left on voicemail:

"Yes, I'd like to leave a comment to you on the weather broadcast. I got sick and tired of hearing the same thing over and over and over, why not just run the video and audio once, and then I can read underneath on the screen! I don't have to lose my Blue Bloods listening to that thing."

It just so happened there was hail associated with this particular storm, and we have faith and trust in Shel, Max and Paige to make the right decision related on live coverage during regular programming – based on the severity or potential severity of a storm system. Sorry about your Blue Bloods – but – if that storm is bearing down on your backyard, we'll be live at that time as well.

Occasionally we get notes from people sharing story ideas, so it is with R-R – something we can all agree is an issue in this community, highlighted by someone from the outside who hit town not long ago:

"If you are up for an interesting story that might help the community, how about doing one about folks who run red lights? I'm 55, originally from KY, and I've never seen this many blatant disregards for the stop light."

I have to say – if you've been around here anytime at all, it is just habit to take a good luck once the light turns green. Red lights, unfortunately, are just "suggestions" to some around here. Thanks for the story idea.

Some positive reinforcement from M-D as a follow-up to a recent segment about what to believe or not believe on social media and with some media outlets on-air, this in response to a viewer complaint we hadn't done a story about In n Out Burger having "hail satan" on their cups – one of those rumors…shared with me just in case In n Out decided to come to this area and "ruin" the moral fabric of our community. By the way, we didn't do a story on it because – that was a false story making the rounds on social media – a comment on that after the note from M-D:

"Like you, I am sick of all the fake (I won't call it News) items posted and promoted these days. Your comments about the In and Out story was great. I admire you ability to tell someone to step off....... all without saying it. Got a rather large laugh out of it. Thanks for standing up."

Stick with me on this. What is really irritating is the absolute hypocrisy among those who attack media and loop all of us in together. The person who railed on us for "hiding the truth" by our not doing a story about those cups – is the same type person who often attacks KBTX for being like "all other liberal media" in airing fake news. We didn't do the story because – IT WASN'T TRUE! Odd, don't you think – again, the people blasting us for fake news are encouraging us to do a story that is – fake.

It does get frustrating But we will stay the course, and always seek to raise the bar of journalistic integrity through service to this community and region. Everybody just ought to be nice. Be in touch anytime, we appreciate all your comments – we are, after all, in this together. It matters to this family of KBTX News 3.