The Wright Response: June 29, 2017

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - First, a special thanks to the Bryan Rotary Club for having my good friend, Ben Downs and me as part of the Bryan Rotary 10 event, honoring the ten fastest growing businesses in the Brazos Valley.

Not only is that an honor to participate in reading the remarkable stories of this regions brightest entrepreneurs, it is always amazing to witness the power of small business in driving this local economy. Congratulations to all those who were honored.

Here’s a nice note from B-S:

“Mike, I have had to laugh at those who say KBTX is liberal. If they are measuring your reporting against Fox News point of view, then I guess they may have a point. You, KBTX report the news as it is. PERIOD. Whichever direction it may lean you report it. If your reporting means saying the Emperor is naked, then so be it, report it thus. You report the news equally and evenly across the full spectrum. Thank you.”

We’re appreciative of this note. My problem all along is – just don’t throw KBTX into the same category as those on a national level. Part of the problem is that ANYONE these days, can be journalists, and some companies even PAY People to write unbelievable or inflammatory garbage and pass it off as fact. We will never be perfect, but we will do all we can to uphold the standards set many years ago for the art of journalism.

Then, there is this note from W-J:

“How about sticking to some facts. Or at least giving both sides of the current status. Over half of American voters approve of the job President

Trump is doing. There is more than one poll out why continue to use the one you like. You also failed to mention that the hearings have failed to find any connection between Trump and Russia. You also need to throw in that a large number of voters think the Russian issue is a fabrication of the Media. Have a great day.”

I appreciate all input, but let’s put this into context. It isn’t the poll we “like,” it is the poll reported by any number of news sources to which we subscribe. As with all stories of a political nature, we only report that a poll has been released, and we talk about the good and the not so good. A little research also shows references to a number of stories that indeed fail to find connections between President Trump and Russia. We’ll continue to report information. You can decide what you believe or don’t believe. That isn’t our call to make.

Finally, when people leave KBTX, it matters to a lot of people. We’re honored that those on KBTX do indeed become part of your daily lives. C-S writes in as did many others:

“What has happened to Matthew on BVTM? I suppose I must have missed the announcement that he was leaving the show.”

Simply put, Matthew is looking into other areas for a career. He was in sports at the KBTX sister station in Odessa and wanted to make the move to news, which he did – when joining Brazos Valley This Morning and KBTX. All is good, we wish him well, and he indeed is a nice young man.

Be in touch anytime, your opinion will always matter to this family of KBTX News 3.