The Wright Response: June 7, 2018

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Many times, we receive emails accusing KBTX of covering up stories they may have heard on other news outlets. So is the case involving a fast food restaurant we don’t even have in Bryan-College Station, but because we may have it here someday, TD wanted us to know how an In-and-Out Burger, should it ever come here, would ruin the religious fabric of our community. You have to love the absolute sarcasm of the first comment:

“Mr. Wright, I know you get your money from advertisers and are controlled by the big city media, but this is a story you all shouldn’t cover-up, and I’m disappointed I haven’t seen anything on your station about it. In-and-Out Burger has on all their cups, “Hail Satan,” and you haven’t so much as mentioned it. I don’t know if it’s because CBS owns you or pays your salary, or whatever, but KBTX advertising will suffer if you continue to hide from the truth like all liberal media. Report the story. Thank you.”

TD? So many things wrong with your absurd note, and you know how much I love that “liberal media” reference – just makes my day. I don’t know where to begin. We control local content here, other than CBS News programming, but the big issue with this? You – believe what you want to believe – and don’t care about the truth. We didn’t air this story because – it isn’t true! At all! This was a rumor started a while back through the magic of photo editing. The original picture? It referenced the Bible verse John 3:16. "Hail Satan" has NEVER appeared on an In-and-Out cup. What they do occasionally is use Bible verse references on other wrappers and products used by the company. I’m glad you brought this up so we can clear it up, but I doubt it matters to someone who threatens and ridicules first. So no – we won’t be reporting that story. It isn’t true.

Let’s shift gears and take a deep breath. Seems like a good time to hit rewind for a throwback Thursday. Kids, gather round. A picture of Ken Martin from back in the day, and a commercial for Future Heirlooms – a blast from the past and the year 1978.

(See video player above for the throwback Future Heirlooms commercial.)

Gotta love the background music, a cheesy version of “The Way We Were.” Love those old commercials and promos. Be in touch anytime, your opinion matters to this family of KBTX News 3.

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