The Wright Response: March 1, 2018

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - As it gets closer to mid-term primary elections, the people screaming political bias come after us in force, and not from just one side – from both.

None is likely more passionate than this note to KBTX, irritated that we posted some CNN stories on our national news feed on Stick with me on this, as in many cases, we exchanged some messages and I came up with an analogy I hope makes sense. We received this note – and – hold on for this one:

"If KBTX continues to use CNN for a fairly large portion of their National News then I will find it my responsibility to make B/CS aware of where a lot of the stories are originating. Yes, the way I see it is "there is a liberal indoctrination locally. Plain and simple". Remember, as some hate to admit it, Bryan College Station is a primarily Conservative Town and we are who butters your bread. Y'all no longer are the only news provider in the Valley! And about Facebook blocking, Yes I also still can't comment or like anything they post! I seriously wonder how many of us are "BLOCKED" I bet the number is STAGGERING! That is sad that OUR FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS ARE HUSHED AT SUCH A LOCAL LEVEL! The way I see it is instead of a fair debate, KBTX decision is "WE ARE RIGHT AND ANYONE THAT DOESN'T AGREE IS SILIENCED" SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!
This is not an attack on you but the organization which you are responsible for and We The People of B/CS should be informed! I am just tired of y'all continuosly saying one thing and continuing with business as usual as in CNN Link Stories. Please Explain how you can defend 12 out of 18 national news stories as Honest News!"

First, we were never the only provider of local news in the market. The Eagle was here first then WTAW, thinking they would take issue with that. Second – please know that KBTX never blocks anyone for having a different opinion or for unloading on us on various issues.

To be blocked, you have to threaten bodily harm to someone, here at KBTX or anyone for that matter, use profanity, or racial slurs. That's pretty much what gets you blocked. Now, if Facebook is making a determination, we have no control over that.

As with all people who comment like this, I reached out, and yes, there was good dialog. We do not determine what is true or isn't true out there today, we publish news stories from various sources, CNN for example. As in the case of one story in question, it was about a recent President Trump administration personnel change. CNN's story was posted on KBTX.

I always check other sources, and Fox had the same story, same information. The root of the issue with this viewer was our SOURCE of the story. We can't just post from Fox without permission, but stories that do quote sources within Fox, NBC, ABC, whatever it is – we can use. There was much more to this dialog, including threatening never reading the website again.

But here's the thing – just read the local news if the national news upsets you! Most subscribe to a cable or satellite service. You have 200 channels or more available. And YOU as a subscriber, are paying for the news sources you don't like! You just choose not to watch them! So, use the information you like to see, and don't look at the other. Otherwise, stop being a hypocrite and cancel your cable or satellite subscription!

At least you aren't paying for KBTX website access. It is free. You ARE paying some pretty big bucks for channels you never watch, including late night soft porn!

To quote my predecessor Jim Baronet, just – something to think about. Be in touch – clearly, we value all opinions sent to KBTX News 3.