The Wright Response: May 10, 2018

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - It is indeed a sensitive subject. Gun control, regulations on who can purchase guns, the March For Our Lives rallies in late March – all raise concerns and bring comments from both sides. During our coverage of March for our lives, we had local perspective and national perspective. D-M wrote in:

"I am so angry your reporter at the March for Our Lives gathering chose to interview the handful of counter protesters rather than speak to any of the people, especially the young people, who organized this march and protest against gun violence. She only spoke to the counter protesters who were there on the fringes of the March for Our Lives. She nor they mentioned how they heckled the speakers of the protest. The reporting was one sided and biased toward the counter protesters. There were many young people who spoke and were present to represent the need for changes in gun laws. How disappointing that your station chose to stand with those who were there to intimidate. Shame on your station. I for one will never watch your news again."

After reviewing the story, I do not agree, and frankly, I'm not sure this person was watching KBTX. I do, however, appreciate and respect the opinion about our local coverage. Then, a similar note from C-A comes in:

"Hello Mr. Wright, my wife and I attended and marched in support of our kids. Tonight on your news coverage your reporter interviewed a tall young man wearing a make America great again hat. I thought it odd because him and 5 other friends joined us marchers a block after the march started. As they cut into our procession they were laughing and yelling about Bill Clinton having an affair and started engaging some of us about why we're trying to take their guns away. When we tried to have dialog with them they would start quoting Alex Jones conspiracy theory and how we should watch info wars. I made it clear to them as a Vietnam era vet and avid gun owner I take offense to them trying to instigate trouble and challenge my reason for protesting. They soon moved on and antagonized other people in the crowd. That's why I find it all the more odd that of all the people that were there affected by gun violence and organizers that could've spoken to the actual event your producer chose to pick this instigator. You can probably check the video to verify their behavior. My wife wanted to put this on facebook but I was going to let you look into it and see if you might find a explanation. Thank you for your time and understanding."

I responded to C.A. with a quick thank you for not posting this on Facebook. My respect for people like C.A. is out the roof because he took time to ask first, which, we did address with staff and I responded. Could we have interviewed different people? Absolutely. There were interviews with supporters, and while some would disagree, our hope is to always present both views.

Look, anyone can post a complaint on Facebook. It tends to get crowds riled up and create further divide – which – has been the goal of some in the past. Interesting to me is when I've responded, I do so in private, and sometimes – get defriended – BY A FRIEND – for doing so! I am deeply appreciative, as is the staff, of all input.

Working together during these often tenuous times will result in agreements that benefit us all – and hopefully, this safety issue can be addressed sooner than later. Especially when it comes to our kids.

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