The Wright Response: May 31, 2018

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - Some phone calls are so fun to receive, irritating at the time, but then you just gotta sit back and smile about it, and so it was when this voicemail was left for me sometime on the Friday before the Royal Wedding, and about all I know is that the caller was female.

Here's the actual transcription. I didn't change but one bad word:

"Yeah, yall are making me sick with all that Royal wedding stuff, what – who tells you to talk about that all the "darn" time. I'm writing to the FCC right now and complaining. Your station used to talk about things going on here but lately it is wedding this, wedding that. You want a news flash? Nobody cares. Yall are being talked about by everybody I know, is the government paying you to say all that? Me and none of my friends are watching k-t-b-x again. We're sick of you. No Body Cares."

I got very little on this, except – CBS carried, like most other networks. We had questions from viewers about the time it was supposed to air, me personally, I was intrigued but didn't watch it. I get that nobody cares. But research shows – 29.2 million people watched it. So, slightly north of "nobody cares," I suppose. Got nothing more. By the way – the call letters are KBTX. Not that it matters since you aren't watching any more. Somebody needs a nap.

D-G wrote in with a good suggestion:

"Hi Mike, I've been wanting to write you a quick note for some time thanking you and your crew for all the great work, especially during these tumultuous times. Your superb handling of all the naysayers never ceases to amaze. Would it be possible when reporting events on the news app, and a street or neighborhood is mentioned, to add a link to a map? I always find myself googling the streets trying to figure out what are was affected. And lastly, as the Queen Theater has now opened, I wanted to suggest that everyone go back and watch Lyle Lovett's video for "This Old Porch" on YouTube. It was all filmed in downtown Bryan, somewhere around the late 80's. It's amazing the difference thirty years, along with a lot of dedicated, hard-working people can bring about."

D-G? Grateful for the comment and I shared it with newsroom leadership. Anything we can do to bring a little clarity to news stories is worth considering. And I agree with you on the Queen Theater and the video. Another shout-out to Ben Hardeman and his relentless belief in the Queen project. Together, this community can do anything. Cliché, maybe, but The Queen is living proof of that. And, one more thank you we received, this one from S-M:

"Mr Wright: Just wanted to thank you for the story covered by Amber T. regarding motorists not stopping for school buses. Spectacular Job! Great Awareness! I believe that ALL children are precious, innocent gifts from God and should be treated as such. These selfish motorists should not only "examine" themselves but, should be held accountable for their actions. THEY know who they are! Thanks again!"

S-M, thanks for taking time to be in touch. We get a lot of the negative, not near enough of the positive stories these days.
Here's hoping everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend, and that you indeed took time to remember those who sacrificed for the greatest Nation on earth. Be in touch anytime, your opinion matters to this family of KBTX News 3