The Wright Response: November 2, 2017

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - For as long as I've been part of KBTX, this has truly been like family. Once again, this feeling has been affirmed with the many notes, texts and posts about Kathleen Witte.

Kathleen was involved in one of those household hazardous situations, a freak occurrence, almost – involving hot wax from a candle. The incident resulted in Kathleen being life-flighted to Houston and an extended time of recovery. Rusty Surette visited with Kathleen about this incident as you may have seen. Just a sampling of those who reached out – C-N writes in:

"Saw the story last night about Kathleen Witte and am so sorry to learn what she has gone through two days after she was a Celebrity Waiter at Harvest Moon. I know the KBTX staff has supported her through this because they are like family. They are like family to us in the community also, and being so we celebrate joys and support when in need. When you see her please also let her know we are thinking of her and her complete recovery."

P-H writes in questioning Kathleen's whereabouts:
"Have missed Kathleen Witte. Has she gone to another station? I heard she was in an accident . If that is the reason I hope we will be seeing her back soon. If she has gone to another station you have lost a very valuable employee because we all love her."

After responding to a question from D-G, we get this note:

"Thanks for the update. We read her Facebook account of the accident and it appears she really took a hit. Thank the Lord she will recover and return to work. We will keep her in our prayers."

...and those are just a few examples of the notes we've received, not to mention the hundreds who took time to drop Kathleen a note or like her blog posted on her facebook page. As someone who has had the privilege of being here all these years, it never gets old seeing reminders like this – having the opportunity to raise a family and work in an incredible environment – and city.

As an inside glimpse into how Kathleen got here, I remember well being on a ski trip with my family – speaking with a representative of Rusty Surette in one call, and visiting with Kathleen Witte on another – same time, same day.

I remember telling each of them – "look, we're hoping to hire you two for openings we have at KBTX. Kathleen? – I think you will really like Rusty." When I hung up, I'd speak with Rusty and say, "I really think you're gonna love Kathleen. You two will work very well together and with the rest of this incredible staff."

Sometimes, it's better to be lucky than good. But in this case – in a rare moment I was right, these two will tell you – they hit it off right away, and the KBTX staff embraced both of them as part of the family.

Sometimes bad things happen to good people, as the saying goes. But through it all, Kathleen is exactly WHO we knew she was – a gentle spirit, very determined, with a positive attitude. And at this time, all those traits are working together so that her recovery is a quick one.

But I think Kathleen will tell you, while that is all good and well – nothing will compare to the love and unconditional support she has received from people like you who watch her every day or see her out and about, and from the support from her family here.

By the way – back to that conversation when first speaking with her about coming here? I mentioned that she should get ready for being part of this community. It is a great place to be, unlike anything you've experienced. Based on all the responses to her being out for a while, we thank this area for caring at a deeper level. Family is always stronger – together.