The Wright Response: November 16, 2017

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This past Saturday was a special one at Kyle Field. Some would argue that all Aggie home games are special, but for Aggie fans and for one man, it was especially meaningful. For about 32-years, when you turn on the radio on a Saturday and here the distinctive voice of Dave South, you know – it is – Game Day for Texas A&M. I’ve listened to Dave a very long time, dating back to his radio days at KWTX-AM in Waco, then side by side as color analyst for Frank Fallon during radio broadcasts of Baylor football. My “stalking” of Dave continued during his time as play by play for the TCU Horned Frogs, then – for Texas A&M.

There as a brief radio stop in between at a country station in Waco, but his calling – was the press box on a Saturday, and – all that goes with it, the press conferences, recording of various shows and features, the basketball and baseball. Perhaps what set him apart was his faith journey that he made part of his calling, using the platform he had to spread a message about something greater than sports. I tend to have a bit more respect for those who follow a calling that endures the many seasons of life, dedicating themselves to a passion while surviving all the critics that come with being on air during broadcasts that are available all over the world.

What Dave did every Saturday in the fall, and within basketball arenas and baseball diamonds all over – isn’t easy. I haven’t had the honor of sitting down for a one on one with Dave, but hope to do that soon, with cameras rolling. But I suspect the topic of the sacrifice of time it took to do what he did for so many years will come up. So it is to that dedication that we simply say – thank you. For this guy who was a kid in Mexia Texas developing my love for radio and all things broadcasting, football Saturdays won’t quite be the same. I guess it’s like my Dad’s generation when hearing the voice of Kern Tipps and Connie Alexander, or my childhood play by play people like Frank Glieber with the Cowboys or Gene Elston with the Astros. Dave probably won’t accept the fact that he is now in that elite group of broadcasters, he has that humble side about him. But – he is. While continuing with baseball for A&M, he’ll be most remembered for his signature calls and phrases – words that defined Saturday, and College Football in America. He’ll also be remembered as a man of faith, and to Dave, that’s likely really all that matters. Congratulations, my friend.

Two personal notes – earlier this week we welcomed back Kathleen Witte to the air following a frightening incident involving a fire in her apartment – she – and I both actually, were humbled at the number of people who reached out to share concern for Kathleen. Rusty, Karla, Shel, Darryl and the entire crew here are certainly happy to have her back.

And thanks to the Bryan-College Station Chamber of Commerce for allowing me to serve as emcee for the annual banquet this past Monday.

You know? I have a lot of e-mails with a real edge on them to share, but today, as we are in the homestretch to Thanksgiving, we’ll just end on that note. Take a moment to think about those things that matter to you – for which you are grateful, and for friends and loved ones you need to thank for all they mean to you.

We’re blessed to live and work in an awesome community. May we never take each other for granted.

Be in touch anytime – your opinion matters to this family, of KBTX News 3.