The Wright Response: November 9, 2017

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In case you haven’t noticed, we’re living in sensitive times. People feel “disrespected,” are “offended by almost anything.” I guess I’m just too laid back on these types of things, or, being in the position I chose as my life profession, you learn that – well – not much ever offends me. At the risk of irritating some, I think many have become puppets – doing what they are told to do by organizations and various political persuasions, and it runs the table across all political, racial and religious lines. On occasion, we get e-mails like this one. KW writes:

“Why do your news anchors refer to President Trump as MR Trump. Whether they like him or not I think they could respect the United States, he is the president!”

So – as is always the case, I respond and ask – on which newscast did you see this happen? To let you know how this works, all newscasts are recorded, so – I check and found that the script used is acceptable, as I responded to KW:

“I found it odd you would say “whether they like him or not.” Political views hopefully don’t come across in any newscast, and if they do, I’ll step in. You may be right. You may have noticed numerous times a reference as Mr. Trump. Protocol is that once he is established as President, second or third references can be Mr. Trump, Trump, or simply ‘The President.’

While I will review the actual video, the scripts do not indicate he was ever referred to as “Mr.” In researching other sites, this is largely the norm when reporting on The President including: CBS, Fox News, and even ultra-conservative websites. Are you saying we should use “President Trump” in every reference?

All that, then – this response from KW:

“Well, I owe you an apology. I thought that I was contacting another station. I should have made sure that I was conversing with the correct channel. I can tell you that I will switch the station I watch for the news to yours. Thank you for taking the time to check and answer my emails.”

By the way – I left out the call letters of the station K-W mentioned, my way of taking the high road. Look, there is a style guide used by most publications and news outlets. So – that’s how it works. We communicate, respect runs both ways, and – well, we’re good! Why can’t people just talk it out anymore without being mean. Again, I just don’t get it. And will we slip up? Yes, we will. It is never a conscious intent with KBTX, no matter what you may be told to believe. Just always let me know – I’ll respond.

And a nice note from R-D praising a recent BISD event:

"I’d like to rave about the BISD parents and staff who held a massive homecoming dance Sat night. I think they had record attendance (over 1000). These parents should be proud of themselves for making this happen."

On a sidenote, congratulations to the Bryan High School Band on their competition at State in San Antonio! THAT is quite the accomplishment.

Special thank you to the American Business Women’s Association for having me as their speaker at their recent meeting. That’s a great organization, and I was honored to share a few thoughts about business with you. Be in touch anytime, your opinion matters to this family of KBTX News 3.