The Wright Response: September 13, 2018

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - Recently, KBTX made an upgrade to our set with the additional of a video array behind the main anchor desk. I'll confess. The reason we didn't do something in the first place, was – well – we didn't exactly know what we wanted to do between the where the news airs and the staff works.

This array, however, will be incredibly versatile once we have everyone trained on how to adjust the graphic you see. It isn't an easy process. For now, it is static, meaning – still. I believe at this time, only one change can be made, and likely that is during our Friday Football Show. Soon, you will see pictures of all weather cameras in the KBTX camera network, some potentially awesome pictures.

Hold that thought – and add this one – during the season opening weekend of Aggie football, as we have done before, Shel Winkley turned Kyle Field into a giant green screen – and it was from Kyle that KBTX aired our weather forecast. Now – to this note that come in from J-W – about both these issues, the video array, and the weather on Kyle Field:

"Dear KBTX, Who came up with this new ugly, distracting, garish set? It looks like a broadcast for pre-schoolers in a very, very small market. Do I have to give up on your newscasts, or only when your anchors are on camera? An A for effort on the weather at 6 p.m. But an F+ on the actual execution. The sound was terrible and the Kyle Field graphics distracting and confusing. A definite NO from me. Who were your consultants and when is their bankruptcy sale? Please fix this!"

First, J-W, thanks for taking time to write. As for the consultant? Ultimately, that is me. 100%. Now, I had help in that decision, but ultimately, it is on me. As for your comment on pre-schoolers in a very, very small market, many stations in all size markets use the video wall – granted, some smaller, some larger. I can't attest to the audio issues on Kyle Field, but we did get a lot of positive comments.

Two of those are coming up. As for the pre-school comment, I've said it before, and will in this case – like pre-schoolers, somebody
needs a nap. Lighten up. Everything is a work in progress.

Let me digress a moment about naps, and most of you can relate to this. Why – in the world – as kids, did we ever fuss and fight our caretakers when it was time to take a nap! Aren't there days NOW you'd give anything for a nap? I know I would.

Back to the comments, some good thoughts on what Shel did on Kyle Field with weather, first from C-F, short and sweet:

"Congratulations! Great broadcast tonight from Kyle Field! Always a pleasure to watch!" And two compliments in one from L-B:

"I thought what Shel and the weather group did, superimposed over Kyle field was really awesome today. Somebody put a lot of work into that and I appreciate it. Secondly, Darryl Bruffett's Aggie pregame program with his guys, was so good, so well done. Thank them for giving us the information about the guys (on the football team). Keep up the good work, KBTX is awesome."

Look, I wish people were a lot more patient as we work through changes like a video array. We make investments to improve our product – in people and in technology. I guess I'm most rewarded by two things: one is when people travel to similar size areas, they have a greater impression of KBTX, and second, people expect better from KBTX all the time. I'll take both.

Like family, we won't always agree, but unlike what the rest of the world looks like these days, we will stick together – no matter what. That's why your opinion will always matter to this family, of KBTX News 3