The Wright Response: September 21, 2017

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - Some days that start badly for me. I check e-mail first thing, and a lot of mornings, there are notes slamming KBTX for something they saw on a CBS report or perhaps a relative was arrested for a crime and we didn't reach out to get their side of the story.

So it was when I saw a note a with the subject line, "observations from a hospital bed." I'm thinking – here we go, another complaint about – something. I was wrong. In fact, this was one of the most insightful notes I've ever received, expanding on some thoughts I shared on this segment right after Hurricane Harvey hit. A-M sends this note, which is long – yet I edited in the interest of time:

"Mr. Wright, I am normally very reserved about being too opinionated on community discussions due to the instant "conflict" most topics seem to cause these days. Prior to Harvey hitting the Texas coast line, the civil unrest shown hourly on news programs was very disheartening to me. It was almost as if I were seeing us as a free country at our worst! The disputes and disagreements of views in America seemed to have become so extreme violent, and physical at times, they borderline on shocking! Then, in a blink of an eye, a large pine tree fell in my back yard! This tree opened my eyes to something I completely overlooked.

People's lives along the Texas gulf coast, and now headed into Louisiana, have been obliterated by a storms fury. Many felt alone and{} abandoned UNTIL people, not just from their local communities, but all OVER the United States began to reach out to each other. Total strangers who probably stood on opposing sides of political issues and arguments put aside their differences and became simply, "Americans" again! The effects of this human kindness could even be felt all the way here in College Station as Seth Abbott and the other outstanding members of

Texas A&M's Corps of cadets who volunteered to reach out selflessly to residents affected {}by the storm in our own community such as my wife and I. I thanked them all profusely and told them that it had warmed my soul to see people wanting to HELP each other instead of HURTING each other as had been televised in the weeks prior.

I think, as a nation, it is so easy for us to put on our "armor" beliefs and sharpen our "swords" of convictions and do battle with each other without even a thought of how it effects our future or our past sometimes but it is breathtaking to see those same "soldiers" put down their swords and shields to reach out to friends, enemies, and most of the time total strangers to show everyone we are still a nation that believes a people can disagree on a lot of things but in the end we are here for each other. Isn't it funny what one fallen tree can do?"

Wow. No response on that. Just truth. And a big thank you to everyone who responded to the Brazos Valley Media Gives Back drive for hurricane relief. It goes without saying, from those who let us know of other drives happening, to the tens of thousands of dollars and items you donated – we are incredibly grateful, and fortunate to live in this giving community.

Finally, thanks to the Arts Council of the Brazos Valley for having me back as emcee for the annual "Celebrate the Arts" event a couple of weeks back, and to Karla Castillo for helping out during the first part of that event as I wrapped up a prior obligation. AND - on a personal note, two days ago my parents, Bob and Peggy celebrated their wedding anniversary, getting closer to 60-years together, and still after all those years, no domestic disturbance charges. Both continue to behave well.

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