The Wright Response: September 28, 2017

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - It doesn’t take much for the news of the day to strike a nerve, and in this day of social media, response is immediate and often emotional.

With a caution for those who are racially sensitive, a note from K-J with the subject line, “people in general”:

“I am so sick of the black lives matter and the white lives matter movements. Why can't people realize that to God all lives matter. It seems like with some people all they want to do is start trouble where there isn't any. I am white and when i was growing in Houston I went to schools where there a mix of all races, I unlike alot of people today, got along with everyone. Why can't people just learn to get along with each other?”

K-J? Thank you for your common sense note. Coming from my raising in Mexia, I get that. But the concept is foreign to a lot of people these days.

Recently, a colleague of KBTX resigned his position at Candy 95 – Frito, as he is known. A nice guy from our broadcast partners at Bryan Broadcasting. We ran an initial story about Frito leaving and L-R wasn’t too pleased with our approach:

“So why is Frito leaving? Who is his replacement? Your reporting leaves much to be desired. What kind of report was that?”

News 3’s Michael Oder replied, probably in a much kinder tone than I would have. He writes:

Thanks so much reaching out! A replacement hasn't been announced from Bryan Broadcasting yet. Frito asked that we not say where he's going next as he wants to make that announcement on his own. That report was a touching

piece on a man so many of us wake up to every morning. We'll miss him a great deal! Thanks for writing.”

So, basically – it is Candy 95’s decision to announce a replacement, and they have – it was their business, not ours - Frito didn’t want to announce where he was going, and, well – the report was about a nice guy and we reported what we had.

Finally, this from B-W:

“As a newcomer to the area, maybe it's just me. I'm watching the six o'clock news and there are crime-related stories, all tagged with something on the order of, "If you know anything about this, call police." It happens at the end of each story about an ongoing crime and investigation, night after night after night. It must be a policy. If it is, it's a stupid policy. Or maybe it's, "Duh, this is the way we've always done it since the station signed on." In any case, it's irritating. What if St. Matthew had written, "Then Judas Iscariot threw the money onto the floor ... and went out and hanged himself. If you have any information about the money or the suicide, please contact a member of the Praetorian Guard." The description of what happened can stand on its own. Next story, please.”

As a general point of respect and consideration, many times, be it surveillance footage, or requesting a call to Crimestoppers or some other arm of law enforcement, we are asked to request the public’s help in solving a crime, so – we mention it. Can we run two or three stories back to back and say this only once? Maybe. Oh- and regarding Judas Iscariot? That was all explained in the writings by Matthew, so – there is no “what if” that is relevant in that case. I guess. Be in touch anytime. Your opinions matter – even this one – to the family of KBTX News 3.