The Wright Response: September 6, 2018

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - In case you haven’t noticed, people in this day and time are confrontational. If scripts on stories aren’t exactly as they feel it should be, if it doesn’t agree with their way of thinking, all of a sudden KBTX is the “bad guy,” taking a political side – ultra-conservative, or part of the liberal media.

And yes, I’m as tired of addressing this as you are likely of hearing it. But, people continue to pound away with concerns, and from every note, I learn a little. Here’s a note about a headline. B-H wrote in:

“Your headline reads “immigrant charged with murder”. Why? Why leave out the actual descriptive used by law enforcement in their news conference. Illegal immigrant. Illegal. In today’s climate of walls and immigration, leaving out illegal exposes KBTX as biased media aka FAKE news. Why put your public reputation at risk for failing to report the news. Just report it as it is. No bias. #Disappointedinkbtx”

It’s always such an uplifting start to the day to get this. I did reply, and reached out for more information from News Director Josh Gorbutt. Josh sent this update:

“This is an AP story posted by the Gray national news desk, with the headline the Associated Press pushed out to every member of AP in the country. The first clause of the first sentence in this story says the man was in the United States illegally: A man from Mexico living in the U.S. illegally has confessed to kidnapping college student Mollie Tibbetts while she was running in her small Iowa hometown, killing her and dumping her body in a rural field, authorities said Tuesday.” “Illegal immigrant” doesn’t explain whether someone crossed the border illegally, stayed in the country past the expiration of their visa (making their residence illegal) or had their naturalized citizenship revoked following the

commission of a crime (also likely making their residence illegal). It is a poorly articulated phrase.

B-H? While you may have a slight point, in a climate where the copycat term of fake news is over-used, read the article. That might help you determine what is and isn’t fake. The language you’re worried about is utilized to make sure our content is as clear and broadly understandable as possible- the literal opposite of being fake. We do thank you for caring enough to be in touch.

A quick follow-up from D-W about our handling of the morning comments many took offense to with regard to Jane Fonda:

“Howdy, Mike. I was glad to see in "The Wright Response" comments about "squaring away your troops" on the truth about Hanoi Jane, educating them on why the mere mention of her name elicits such a visceral reaction in an entire generation of us. I personally had three friends, who served between 5 and 7 years as "guests of the North Vietnamese". I've had conversations with them about their experiences as POW's. You couldn't EVEN begin to air what they thought about Jane Fonda. Being in the courtyard in the Hanoi Hilton the day she came strolling through with her NVA handlers was an experience they will take or have taken to their graves. Today's young people are living proof that "Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it". Keep up the good work.”

D-W? Thank you for your service, and for your comments. Be in touch anytime, your opinion will always matter to this family of KBTX News 3.