The Wright Response: September 7, 2017

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - In today's Wright Response, KBTX General Manager Mike Wright addresses a viewer comment about our coverage during the Charlottesville protests.

We're just days away from the time a rally was planned for the A&M campus, another one that seeks to divide rather than unite. During the protests in Charlottesville and the violence that erupted, KBTX ran a story that included a quote from the organizer. RM let his feelings be known in this comment to KBTX:

"Mr. Wright, It is 11:52 PM on Saturday night and I went to my local news website to get caught up on the news of the day. Imagine my surprise to find that the lead story on the KBTX website was a thumb sucker on how sad the organizer of the Nazi rally supposedly is about violence breaking out at their white-supremacist march in Virginia. I am a white, male, native Texan. I have unfortunately lived through some years of racial strife in this country -- mostly caused by people who look like you and me. I am appalled your station gave this unAmerican group top billing and allowed their organizer a chance to make excuses and lie about their goals. Please do better in the future -- we can't afford to let the sacrifices of the generation before us who fought against Nazi ideals to be in vain."

RM, thanks for the note, and we indeed did share this with newsroom staff. Your opinions are appreciated.

As we transition to fall, I always like to do a throwback Thursday and salute on of the all-time greats of Bryan High, and a really good guy – Ty Warren. This guy was intimidating OFF the football field, and frankly, when I run into him, I'm still a little scared, until he smiles and we talk, and well – all is good. Anyway, back in the day, Ty was playing for the Bryan Vikings, and we featured him on the opener for Friday Football Fever. Let's take it back to the late 90's.

(Please see video above for throwback video)

Still, an all-time favorite piece of footage from football season past. Be in touch anytime, you're a part of the memories, AND – of all we do, at KBTX News 3.