The Wright Response: June 28, 2018

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When the segment aired about civility in America, I predicted the comments would start to come in, some on edge, some in agreement.
Here's a transcribed call:

"Mr. Wright, I noticed your editorial today, and at one point you said ‘where did we get to the point with insults and vulgar language about people?’ You know where it came from, why are you in denial?
There's only one Senator, Mr. Corker I believe his name is, who lays it on the line. People are actually scared of this person in the White House. And why don't you lay it on the line and tell the real truth?
That sad excuse for a human being is who started all this type of stuff, tweeting and saying bad things about other people and calling them names. People like you are judging what's vulgar and not vulgar to the public.

"I doubt you'll say anything about this because like all the others, you have a cult following. I don't know how old your children are or if you have children, but in your heart could you say, 'that's the President I want you to be?'

"You have nothing to be scared of! That man will pass away just like you and me, he doesn't have immortal life! Is there ANY way I can get this published on your station?"

To answer your question, yes – and we thank you for your comment. I've never looked at those who see this segment as part of a "cult," but your opinions are respected.

In fact, this caller and I had an incredible conversation not long after he left this message.

We didn't agree on everything, be we respect each other.

WH sent this note about The CBS Late Show with Stephen Colbert:

"I have had it with your station and that trash that Stephen Colbert spouts out. I like your news but I am going to stop watching until you quit supporting him.

"I am seriously thinking of starting an internet campaign against you to put him off the air. I cannot believe that you would support such trash."

First, it isn't about "supporting" a show, it is about fulfilling our contractual obligation.

We carry it, and do I have personal favorites? Yes, but we are obligated to carry CBS programming, and in a subsequent talk with WH, he suggested we change networks.

To what? Get rid of the number one network in the country, and in the region?

The one that carries SEC football and NFL, will have the Super Bowl next year, and has top ranked shows like Big Bang Theory, NCIS, 60-minutes, 48 Hours and many others?

I guess what always gets to me is people who threaten to start an "internet campaign against us," throwing out the 60+ years of good we try to do every day, including events like the Food for Families, or uplifting youth in a number of ways like Classroom Champions, all because some might disagree with a show we carry.

This is exactly the lack of civility I referenced a couple of weeks back.
We did talk it out, which – is what I think the world should be doing every day instead of people packing up their toys and going home.

By the way, as a side note of fact, Stephen Colbert is number one in late night television and is number one in this region. I know – even I'm a little shocked by that. But it reminds me of the time Chet Edwards would win in a landslide locally when we served as Congressman. No conservative would admit to voting for him. Funny how politics works, it's just the internet has empowered people to turn up the heat, it seems to bring out the worst in all of us. Got more where this came from, but those notes will just have to wait. It is indeed a challenging time.

So – how about we all take this coming Wednesday, July 4th, to celebrate as one big happy family, that we live in the greatest country in the world?

Be in touch anytime – your opinion matters to this family of KBTX News 3.