What are the chances a Buc-ee's will open in College Station?

COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX)- One of the most famous and successful convenience store chains in the south is Buc-ee's.

The company's founder is Arch "Beaver" Aplin, a Texas A&M graduate, and he and his business partner opened their first location in Lake Jackson in the early 80s.

Right now there are 33 locations in Texas, including one in Madisonville and another in Waller.

In January, the company, best known for its clean restrooms and beaver nuggets, opened its first location outside the Lone Star State in Baldwin County, Alabama.

So, what are the chances we'll ever see a Buc-ee's in Brazos County?

In an online interview about local development, Director of Public Communications Jay Socol recently asked College Station Economic Development Director Natalie Ruiz if it's a possibility.

"Beaver nuggets are at the top of our recruitment list," said Ruiz. "We've had several conversations with Buc-ee's and their real estate folks. They've been poking around for several years."

Ruiz said she recently had the opportunity to meet Aplin when he was on the Texas A&M campus for a speaking engagement.

"We just happened to be there and happened to invite him to drive around and look at some sites," said Ruiz. "They're definitely interested. They want one here in Aggieland. They'd like the one here in College Station to be further south in town to intercept some of the Houston traffic that's coming in."

Ruiz says the company is very particular about location choice.

Buc-ee's recently changed it's formula so that new spots can be far enough from a city to take advantage of a high-traffic area, but still be close enough to a community that locals are able to make frequent visits.

"So, there are only a few locations they're looking at that would meet that criteria and they are actively working those. So, it's one of those things, we want it to be a thing, but it's finding the right location and the right deal for them," said Ruiz.

Having a Buc-ee's would also be a big economic boost for the city.

"In terms of the amount of sales that they do at a large Buc-ee's, it's a game changer," said Ruiz. "It would be like having a Costco in the city."

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