Coach Rob Childress calls weather a second passion

COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) - You could call a sunny and 60 degree day at Olsen Field near perfect, but if you ask head coach Rob Childress about his favorite kind of day, it's a little different.

"Seventy five, sunny, with a south wind blowing here at Olsen," says Childress, the Texas A&M head baseball coach. "I love the wind blowing out, even though I'm a pitching guy at heart, I love the wind blowing out."

A day like that also helps fill the stadium.

"When you have something like that, we always call it a chamber of commerce day," said Childress.

After fourteen seasons overseeing the Aggies, just about anyone would agree Childress knows a thing or two about baseball, but he's also a self-proclaimed weather expert.

"I just think, being a baseball coach and the weather always being a deciding factor- 'Are we going to travel?', 'Are we going to be able to play?', 'Are we going to take pregame?", so I've always appreciated it, and I think probably every baseball coach in America thinks they're an amateur weatherman to a certain extent. Certainly not to the level of Shel Winkley, or someone like that, but we always aspire to be," said Childress.

For the baseball crew, attempting to find the perfect forecast comes with the help of a number of apps.

'It's always a running joke with Nick McKenna, our groundskeeper, and the other coaches as to which weather app the most consistent," said Childress.

"I use our local weather channels, so, like, KBTX as a really good app. I'm trying to pull in as many different resources as I can, and then I'll kind of cross-formulate and say, 'okay, I've three of the four showing the same thing.' I think coach Childress does the same, and then there's other times where I think we both pick the one that says what we want it to," said Nick McKenna, the assistant athletic fields manager at Texas A&M.

The Aggie baseball team won their weekend series against #2 Vanderbilt and is back in action on Tuesday night against Rice at Blue Bell Park. Chief Meteorologist Shel Winkley says Tuesday's forecast is mostly sunny with a high in the low 70s.