Three local companies are finalists for Texas A&M New Ventures competition

Published: May. 7, 2018 at 12:24 PM CDT
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Three companies from College Station are part of a group of 16 semi-finalists for a Texas A&M competition.

More than $350,000 in prizes are available in the 2018 Texas A&M New Ventures Competition on May 17. According to a press release, this is the largest prize pool the competition has had.

ResponderX, SABER Corporation and Stream Biomedical, Inc. are part of the semi-finalist group. They're competing against startups from Houston, Austin, Dallas, Temple and Kingwood. The companies range in fields from healthcare to transportation.

Here's a list of the semi-finalists:

Admetsys -- Houston

Admetsys was formed to explore the next generation of diabetes treatment technology: patient-adaptive learning algorithms, coupled with counterbalancing medication delivery. The union of these with automated blood glucose measurement and state-of-the-art visualization has created a transformative product.

Advanced Scanners, Inc. -- Temple

Advanced Scanners is a seed stage medical device company, making a 3D optical scanner and computer vision system to augment a surgeon’s capabilities in the operating room. This will improve precision, reducing the amount of brain tissue removed, reducing potentially catastrophic, but avoidable, side effects.

Alleviant Medical -- Houston

Alleviant Medical is developing a minimally invasive device to treat congestive heart failure that is intended to relieve symptoms, improve quality of life and reduce hospital readmissions for more than 6 million patients suffering from this condition nationwide.

Arovia, Inc. -- Houston

Arovia makes SPUD, the Spontaneous Pop-Up Display, the first and only desktop-sized display that collapses like an umbrella for portability.

AtmoSpark -- Beaumont

AtmoSpark Technologies LLC develops atmospheric water generation systems that provide constant freshwater to those with limited access or in remote locations around the world. Its first product, Blu Element, enables cruising sailboat owners with unreliable water makers to reduce downtime risk up to 80 percent, saving up to $16,000 per year.

M&S Biotics -- Houston

M&S Biotics is developing an autonomous internet of things solution to detect, track, count and locate surgical items within the operating room in real-time. This effectively automates the surgical counting process while providing downstream analytics regarding instrument utilization by leveraging machine learning.

PolarPanel -- Houston

PolarPanel is a solar energy startup focused on bringing clean, reliable and low-maintenance refrigeration technology to the commercial cold chain. PolarPanel is specifically targeting rail by retrofitting refrigerated rail cars with NASA-developed solar technology that removes the need for both battery and a large diesel generator.

ResponderX -- College Station

After the deaths of two Bryan, Texas, firefighters in 2013, ResponderX was founded by a firefighter with a technical background to use emerging technology improve the safety of first responders. Their patented system allows for real-time tracking and locating of firefighters inside of buildings, something that is not currently possible.

SABER Corporation -- College Station

SABER is developing an antimicrobial bandage to provide a cost-saving solution by helping hospital staff reduce healthcare associated infections. The company is utilizing blue light technology to protect patients, prevent life-threatening infections and provide cost savings to hospitals and the healthcare system.

Stream Biomedical, Inc. -- College Station

Stream Biomedical is an early-stage company founded to address unmet therapeutic needs for individuals suffering as a result of neurological trauma and/or degeneration. Stream is initially developing an acute stroke therapy, a biologic drug that has shown preclinically to be neuroprotective and neuroreparative, resulting in dramatic functional improvement.

Sunrise Health -- Houston

Sunrise Health is an app for text-based group therapy and peer support where patients with substance abuse or mental health conditions can receive 24/7, stigma-free support. The app uses artificial intelligence to catch clinically relevant information within messages, so existing providers can focus their time on patients most in need.

VastBiome -- Houston

VastBiome applies machine-learning methods to model how the gut microbiome influences disease. The company enables pharmaceutical companies to select the best patients for clinical trial enrollment by predicting patient response to immunotherapy.

VenoStent -- Dallas

A JLABS startup company from Vanderbilt University IP, VenoStent, Inc. is developing a shape memory polymer external stent to improve the quality and length of life for the more than 2 million (and growing) dialysis patients worldwide.

Verdegen -- Kingwood

Verdegen’s GO! Mosquito Repellent Gel is modeled on the success of hand sanitizer and hand soap wall-mount dispensers. Verdegen’s dispenser-based products are designed to put repellents where people need them and lets communities/businesses protect their residents/customers.

Xyber -- Austin

Data centers consume 3 percent of the world’s power and consume more than 160 billion gallons of fresh water each year for cooling alone. Xyber Technologies has developed a cooling system, for new and existing data centers, that reduces power consumption by 40 percent, thereby saving the average data center more than $500,000 per year.

Yotta Solar -- Austin

Solar energy has become the cheapest form of new electricity generation in many parts of the world. Energy storage is required to fully utilize solar as a reliable power source. Yotta is simplifying energy storage with SolarLEAF, an industry first advanced battery that mounts directly behind solar modules drastically reducing installed cost.

The event is held at the All American Club at Kyle Field.